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my site every day now traffic is about 500IP, is still with Taobao, taobao and other words in, but income? There are one or two days in every week without income, then one or two days a number of other income, still hovering between 10 to 30.

Windows Store in terms of the number of existing applications, said Microsoft was "mediocre" as of press time: Windows Store estimates there are 10 thousand applications, while the app store has 700 thousand single iPad iOS application. Among them, the use of widely used Hulu Plus, angry birds and Skype before Windows 8 release hastily "arrival", domestic today is just released its Windows 8 edition; and can run on Windows 8 Twitter and Facebook, has seen its shadow.


Weekes became a developer in 2008, when Steve, Jobs, iPhone, 3G, and App Store should be included

but now taobao has no plans to let Taobao Kuangzhuan the guest. Let me tell you something about me. My 100ip is between 10 and 50 a day, usually between 20 and thirty, but what about encryption,

, Andy, Weekes, iCandi, Apps founder: Microsoft contact me to develop its platform application

from the last move, it seems that Microsoft is a bit of "curry favor" to developers. It is so, because the Windows 8 Platform in the future is in the hands of the hands of developers, especially considering the number of Microsoft Surface evaluation are mentioned: the most of people buy Surface is the problem of "the application is not enough".


The reason why

doesn’t want to say anything more. Good bye, my age of Taobao.

nonetheless, developers still have a need for development programs on Windows 8, which can be seen at a mere one or two from the 4 day Microsoft developer conference, which is sold out within 1 hours.

last year, Taobao passenger link or ordinary link now has been encrypted, although forced encryption by the boycott, but still with his mom, my site every day is about 100ip, the income of 20 to 30, and is very stable, every day, I believe this achievement is incomparable to the other alliance? Of course, Ali mother alliance policy now will make this a glorious history – "prohibit the use of SEO, prohibit the use of taobao and other related keywords to attract traffic". As a long time contact Taobao customer some people, I can honestly tell you that if your site title add on "taobao" a few words, your income will be ten times without the "Taobao" or "taobao" a few words or even a hundred times. This is why a lot of IP million websites do Taobao customers not to earn money, while others will earn tens of IP to five ten. Therefore, when the forum sees others one thousand or two thousand pieces a day, many people say that they are entrusted, but in fact it is not. You can Taobao or Taobao these words do sh419 or shlf1314, the first page is definitely not a problem.

Before entering the software development industry and setting up iCandi Apps, Andy Weekes is a high school music teacher in Bermingham, England,

today in front of the computer from 7 o’clock in the morning till 3 o’clock in the afternoon, he had to write an article on taobao merchandising articles has been modified, removed links all chain to the Ali Mama, even the YAHOO statistics to be removed, replaced by shlf1314 here once dreamed of advertising to be clear, shlf1314 this afternoon, don’t know what the reason is unable to visit, I saw all the Adsense advertising has become a Chinese Unicom tips – you visit the web site does not exist or cannot access the network, please try to use the search function to query the relevant information, it is lose the first battle!

. The reason why he has the courage to cross is that he has always been interested in computers and their techniques.

, however, the development of community is how to respond to the development and application of the 8 platform Windows? "To look for individual users separately below market as the representative of the iCandi Apps founder Andy Weekes, as well as the business user market as the representative of the Myriad Devices chief executive James Dravitz strategy on this issue is how to treat.

this month, Microsoft moves frequently: last week held in New York Windows 8 and Surface after the conference, Beijing time this morning and will be in San Francisco Windows Phone 8 Conference; and in the end this Wednesday, Microsoft was held in Washington on the 4 day Build Developers Conference logo series activities.


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doesn’t do Taobao is because of the new regulations of Ali’s mother and the declining income. Although many webmaster and not put the provisions on the eyes, continue to use keywords taobao related to attract traffic to Taobao customers, but my situation is different, in the account and 500 dollars in money I took a month’s living expenses, do not hand off, don’t want to have the crime of Ma Yun, afraid of money detained. Now I’ll talk about the golden age of Taobao.

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