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mobile phone browser in these areas has been at the forefront of the industry, this is mainly because the Tencent has the advantage of long-term accumulation of technology and rely on cloud service capabilities, but the most important thing is because the Tencent product teams to capture user needs and provide cultural services. Zhong Xiangping said, mobile browser always to the user experience as the first, the product of each function choice and improvement, will first take into account the user’s needs and experience. For the limitations of mobile terminals, Tencent on the basis of X – Cloud architecture, give full play to the ability of the cloud, the introduction of the cloud to the solution, to ensure that users have a good foundation experience.

in about ten years, mobile terminals and wireless networks across several generations of innovation, and then the mobile Internet era quietly coming. In 2011, China’s third party mobile browser market users continued to grow, as of the 2011 quarter of fourth has exceeded 200 million. The mobile browser 200 million of the user scale, compared to 400 million of mobile Internet users, the potential is enormous. Yan Yan, senior analyst at Analysys think tank, once said, "in 2012, China’s mobile browser market is still in a stage of rapid development," staking "was just then."

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in the cloud, in the mobile phone browser X Cloud framework, can also be seen from the terminal to the network to the cloud, each layer has more cache, including local resource configuration, UI, network link, static resource, hot data, DNS routing, multi point cache speed play an important role.

in this huge temptation, how to adhere to the user demand, provide real value service for the users, how to provide the technical architecture as the cornerstone of the true quality of service for users, will be an important problem that each people have to think of the mobile phone browser. With these questions, we have exclusive interview with Zhong Xiangping, deputy general manager of Tencent wireless browser products.


is to make the cloud to cloud through the browser kernel, running on the server "engine" for example, according to the different terminal capacity and demand, to help the terminal complete complicated and time-consuming operation, at the same time satisfy the users to access the Internet site to speed up access; and in transit, the data transmission using a custom encryption protocol, users of cloud data through without storage, to solve the data security problem effectively.


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from the traditional Internet to mobile internet transfer, users are expected as fast and secure access to Internet sites and PC in the mobile phone, the mobile phone browser is carrying the user browsing function of the first entrance. According to Zhong Xiangping judgment, in 2012, mobile browser market development will focus on the kernel, HTML5, cloud computing these three aspects.

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