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station in China Trade Center 32 floor window, behind Deng Feng is gathered in the capital most people CBD Caizhi buildings, and a whole Chang’an Avenue.

this may be understood, in Silicon Valley for $4 billion 200 million to sell NetScreen, and experienced brilliant life of him, now in addition to wealth and success, there is more spiritual appeal. SMTH BBS circulated in early 2005 when he returned to his alma mater — a case: intend to do a non-profit private think tank, the China enterprise to the world.

portfolio: high and low beta dumbbell structure

in my opinion, according to this rhythm development, Zhongguancun entrepreneurial Street will become a veritable successful enterprises, batch manufacturing machines and platforms.

so, after six years, the office will be located in the adjacent Zhongguancun Tsinghua Science Park is very reasonable: the most opportunity to go out, it is Deng Feng’s most familiar TMT field.

the morning of June 12th, Zhongguancun Hao sea floor empty hall in a chat with several guards in the blues, the vast majority of the Hailouli Hao Bookstore no customers, like a ghost town. However, in the Haidian Book City Hao sea floor outside the street outside was crowded, this street has been used by the book Street transformation, renamed Zhongguancun venture street.

‘s adjustment was not an understatement for VC, a seven year old founder of $1 billion. For this, this print journalist in a few months several visits to general manager Deng Feng and Jiang Haotian, Li Lixin, Yang Lei, Yang Ruirong four directors, and contacts with many accept its investment entrepreneurs, trying to clarify the change trajectory and its inherent logic.

project operation for a period of time, there is a certain scale, you can go to Lenovo next door —-36kr, this technology media, media coverage to seek support. Well, almost, entrepreneurs should go to the center of the global roadshow across 36kr, joined the horse camp to participate in the national oh, is now the world’s project roadshow, allow enterprises to be global investment and user review, if approved, almost to be sold to BAT such a giant head or running for several years to overseas listing. So, three cock silk male, became young entrepreneurs idol.

of course, according to this process, >

June 12th is Zhongguancun Venture Street open street, the star of Lenovo, entrepreneurs, garage coffee, 3W coffee, dark horse tour, 36kr and other well-known business platform fully settled, today these platforms will hold various celebrations, who said that the future of this street will not be born a few bat grade enterprise? It is said that the next period time a number of technology media, angel investment platform, entrepreneurship training institutions, creative hardware stores, cafes, business centralized office area business organizations will be settled in

but 7 years in office transformation, its investment strategy is quietly changing: Clean Technology including new energy, energy saving and environmental protection, new materials, advanced manufacturing the proportion of the investment has accounted for 25%; further into the hands of health care, there are also 10% new type 5%; consumption proportion; TMT investment fell to 60%.

big deal may be false, I am here to give an operational process example: three technology of male college students after graduation, filled with enthusiasm and ideas, they want to conduct business, but no money, no experience, do not understand people, do not understand the business management, no office, do not understand do not understand marketing, media relations, this time if they go to Zhongguancun pedestrian street, in the garage coffee a cup of coffee, to find a temporary free office space, then you can go to 3W’s coffee hook, find a few like-minded partners, the first team team set up. Then go to the garage opposite the star of Lenovo base, describes the business philosophy, to seek business needs funds and guidance, good luck if they get Liu father’s advice.

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entrepreneurship can also be standardized and process oriented

Chinese entrepreneurship in the Internet industry, often hear a word is "entrepreneurial untraceable the successful experience of others, it is difficult for you to learn here, so Chinese 99% Internet business will end up with failure". But through the Zhongguancun pioneering street I visited today, this situation may change.

, this is the new office where Aurora Borealis moved into early last year. The space of 1200 square meters is divided into a number of meeting rooms of different sizes and large single office rooms. One of them belonged to Deng Feng, and the furnishings were minimalist. Apart from the name at the door, no hierarchy or title could be seen.

if he doesn’t travel, he spends most of his time here. Sometimes work too late, simply stay downstairs hotel. Weekends, he stayed in the room next door to love and sound, with turntable. Another fan, the office as a "sound United Nations," Zhou Hongyi watched his equipment, bluntly: "too bad, and back to you to get a set of cattle breaking."." He not take it seriously: "I’m not of sound of music."

"throwing clean technology and health care is a long established idea, just a group."

seven years, for a start-up enterprise, it is possible to do some summary time; for a VC is the same. Good at clearing the returnees entrepreneurs Deng Feng led the northern light venture, explore a set of investment logic of their own.


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