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‘s answer is wonderful. It’s God’s reply, but don’t take it seriously. The emphasis is on the following.

2008 to 2012, when it comes to entrepreneurship, almost all Chinese entrepreneurs in the United States will choose to return home without thinking, there are many reasons for this phenomenon, many China second tier city have come to the United States for investment, such as the Suzhou Venture Competition held in Silicon Valley, given.

first of all, it is necessary to define the typical group of Chinese entrepreneurs in the United states. Here refers to 70- 80 as the main body of the first generation Chinese immigrant entrepreneurs, these people are often based on science and engineering professionals, come to the United States after graduation, worked into the Silicon Valley famous IT company to obtain a master’s degree or doctorate, after solving the problem and the green card has accumulated sufficient technical expertise but suffered a glass ceiling, this time in recent years, they are part of a middle-aged people will choose to accept the status quo, enjoy life, while others are unwilling and commonplace, so have the resignation of entrepreneurship.

starting point of entrepreneurship, from "returnees China" to "return to the United States"

this article is for ordinary users and entrepreneurs to see, rather than to investors. Add a more precise Title: what do entrepreneurs think about Tencent’s follow up?".

looks like nature itself advantages, these Chinese entrepreneurs in the United States start the situation in a foreign country? What problems they encountered and how to face and solve? Therefore, titanium media invited Silicon Valley F50 ventures and Silicon Valley entrepreneur community founder David Cao, to chat with Silicon Valley investors in the eyes of Chinese Entrepreneurs:


titanium media note: Silicon Valley is not only the main position of shlf1314, apple and other technology giants summoned, but many start-up companies start-up become the cradle. Here, a start-up company not only to recruit top engineers, but also from the community to use Silicon Valley incubator, to the training and investment fund, ecological system and a series of business facilities and complete. In Silicon Valley many start-up entrepreneurs, has no shortage of Chinese figure, these Chinese entrepreneurs are mostly 70- 80, from education to the qualifications are quite good, they struggle to middle-aged or active or passive to embark on the road of entrepreneurship.

therefore, the best choice for small companies is to do the latter. When the Tencent comes to grab the market, its large-scale entry will greatly enlarge the market space and make more people accept this new thing. They don’t rob your market, they help you expand the market. So you can follow it and use its rapid expansion to achieve your expansion. As long as you can make your own personality, users usually choose to use your Tencent service and try your service. Therefore, in the user’s efforts, as long as to make their own characteristics, will be able to retain large numbers of users.

marches into the Chinese market and doesn’t beat the Chinese, but the American market is not played by Americans – many of the first generation Chinese entrepreneurs in the United States have fallen into an awkward situation.

replied, "the Tencent also has an investment department. What’s your future in VC?"



text / Chen Chen

Abstract: entrepreneurship requires business only, without innovation. Graduated from junior high school which is why many people, why finally in the business field than those with higher degrees are more successful, and when they started, even without what innovation, only imitate.

second, see the nature of competition. As far as I know, in the past ten years, the real Tencent has been eaten, with a well-known company, but also Lianzhong one. This time, there will be some more with me happy farm example. Let’s talk about them together, though one is an enterprise and one is just an application.

users in the world need only one thing very few, and so so many years, Tencent really trampled on the few companies, but rather a lot of Tencent can use the competition, and better develop themselves. Such as BBS, portal, shop these, users naturally like more than one, more than one choice. Even if like gadgets, such as complex operating system tools this just shows that users see the simple and complex, in fact behind than simple operating system, the world would only live a. So, for what users can and cannot use what is a idiot thing! Most people can benefit from the Tencent in the competition.

VC asked, "if Tencent does this product, what’s your future?"

is not either this or that. There are some things in this world, one is enough, some are more than one, and it is better for us to choose one more. For example, communication tools, one is enough, and more useless, but like BBS forum, then a good, every atmosphere will be different.

sends the first answer:

"in recent years, more and more I observed an interesting phenomenon, the relevant business of first generation Chinese immigrants in the United States, I called them" in the cracks of the entrepreneurs’, that these startups often beat Chinese in China market, and beat the Americans in the American market." When David Cao told me this for the first time, I was still a little surprised, and I couldn’t help asking more.

since entrepreneurship is involved in site selection. In fact, from 2008 to the present, the Chinese have experienced a series of changes from the "tide of returning home" to "returning to America".

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