Garnett is a liar KingEntrepreneur’s confession two years’ worth of entrepreneurial experience

Abstract: don’t talk about the fundamental reason is that the founders did not want to be too many shares, but fear that team rebel, this is not a question of how to allocate, but you can live in a hold of a partner.

a man cheated

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, you can have a look. called GDI company.

although a few years ago to start this kind of thing started to warm up, but presumably 15 years is the pioneer of the outbreak, as a written code of product manager, I had two companies, seven or eight products were acquired, is also I mess up too. Just before the Spring Festival, I hesitated for a long time and finally shut down the company. Turn off the reason is not no money on the account in fact not only revenue, and because I had no financial angel and VC, there is no investor pressure to me, the key problem is that the company lost its growth, it is like a child, has been permanently fixed in at the age of 3 people at a loss what to do. Free at home after a period of time, occasionally I just go to search to find the money to finance small companies talk, see their entrepreneurial passion and product model I Its loopholes appeared one after another., feel the need to share some experience, but I only responsible for speaking, there is no use, that is your thing.

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, they won’t call us

in any form of selling software and space

what is GDI? I know little about it. Actually, it’s an MLM, tid=115&, extra=page%3D1

let him lost

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"University – high IQ network talent incubatorThese three words are the high IQ


partner equity allocation puzzle


so let’s be tactful,

first announced the liar’s URL

just relying on this thing, one person one thousand of the flicker, you are not a liar, you are what?


revealed in 2008 the first big Wangzhuan scam, Garnett University team to free daily income of $100 higher training projects as bait to cheat others money. The University team members in many web site posting, on revenue of $100 online training program free training what, want to make money to seduce people to join his training group. The team leader Garnett night lectures, telling him how much, how to earn ten thousand yuan, it is really amazing eloquence. Finally said to enter their team, copy what he is successful, build group, lecture in the evening, earn ten million yuan per day, earn millions of years. But to join the team must first pay 1000 yuan of money, their agent Garnett mass software, to earn money to pay 4000 yuan. After the agent said, tell you later every day in the group to sell software, you can earn ten thousand yuan per day.

startup, a little difficult to partner is the number of shares, despite numerous distribution summary of the previous model, but only some form of progress, because the fundamental reason not to talk about is the founder did not want to be too many shares, but fear team rebel, that is to say the pressure it is not a question of how to allocate, but you can live in a hold of a partner. Just imagine, if ray always asked you to start a business together, would you dare tell him more than 5% of the shares?. So, the fundamental solution to a partner’s problem is to let the members of the team convince you, adore you, and think you’re better off than yourself. Have this as the basis, the proportion of shares you love how to delimit, no one has any opinion. If you ask to do it? I have no idea, do not want to give up the project, they were duly completed, first through the start-up period, and then ready for fighting partner in.

many friends could not resist the temptation to immediately remit to Garnett, I also not spared. Hit 1000 yuan of money to his commercial bank, after making money, he would tell me how to get to the people, here is what he said:

we training programs, but no money,..

the daily income of $100 to free Wangzhuan training projects as bait to cheat in his group began to talk you

does a small entrepreneur follow the outlet or go to a no competition market,

so >

even better projects, there are fools can not earn

even if they don’t make any money

, my first project, the cloth PC app store, is a project away from the air. I was so calculated, the country’s entrepreneurial teams are engaged in mobile Internet, I went to PC client, no competitors. Products formally launched, I found a very serious problem, investors do not pay attention to me. Because it’s your business too strange ah, we are engaged in the mobile Internet is a few mean you do PC? Investment manager of each fund are kept in the mobile phone project, there are a few people can withstand pressure your project to fund partner? They are not afraid of being laughed at

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