Come around Taobao customer groups after the era of domestic trouble and foreign invasion of AmoyAmo

" Effects of

three, Taobao passengers internal mechanism hidden trouble

free access to the relevant information of the extinction of the dinosaurs, there are many theories such as climate change, species Aging said, celestial collision said, volcano and so on, for whatever reason, the final result is the species cannot live on the earth caused extinction and die. In view of these data, so I thought of many Taobao customers, a while ago made the "shopping assistant" raise a Babel of criticism of the event has subsided, but it has not been solved fundamentally, many webmaster feedback over the past two months revenue plummeted, many senior Taobao customers have abandoned the search for new, your occupation now, still insist on this occupation of the webmaster also worry about personal gains and losses. All the status quo and signs that, once brilliant Amoy era has farther and farther, perhaps this is the transition period of Amoy group, the author tentatively called "Tao" era, Taobao customers can go far away and do not know how long, the breakdown of the passenger’s face at present Taobao domestic trouble and foreign invasion:

I am a rookie even better than the webmaster, when it comes to doing standing, only know some simple HTML. But the easy work, poor salary let me have a new career ideas in the course of time, took a fancy to the Tao guest promotion, please do a set of procedures, is Taobao Shopping for Refund, master station garbage I don’t laugh, I limited the level of. This station is my first and only one station, so choose Amoy promotion, feel a large amount of this need, is relatively good, well below the point.

on the tool insert, Taobao "Liaoyuan momentum buyers such as sparks of fire" is Taobao have turned into a guest, shopping rebate, and finally pay huge Commission is Taobao business. Maybe one day, all the buyers have become Taobao customers in the world, there is no real sense of the Taobao customers, the entire industry structure will be changed, the final is Taobao and Taobao business buyers into the rebate game. I think Taobao customer as a partner of Taobao, should improve and strengthen the audit threshold and cooperation qualifications, will be separated from the Taobao customer groups and groups of buyers to carry out reform, from the Tao’s internal mechanism, can completely eliminate many unreasonable risks and now the pattern, so that the whole industry and.

Platform for cooperation in other sites linked to hijack guest security vulnerabilities using Taobao off

two, Taobao customers between each other residual food,

yesterday when my mother saw the forum shopping Amoy promotion and a new search box, took a look at the demo, seems on the surface, than the previous search box pretty many, but also can change the size of your own website, may be arbitrary. After entering the commodity query, it is indeed much more functional than the previous search box. I don’t know if other friends have noticed a thing from the search box to enter the Taobao station, the browser address bar behind the promotion of your PID, but after the classification of the search results to choose other goods, PID disappeared, which means that our hard to find customers if you do not buy search commodity, but the choice of other categories of goods, so we have finished it.

" go shopping assistant, but still a lot of similar tools and plug-ins, such as "fold", "44% off", "Tao", and the new companion tool plugin will continue to be born, a "kill Xia Minghan," there was one momentum, some products in the promotion of a tiger with wings added 360 platforms by being swallowed and deprived of Taobao passenger ‘s hard work. Buyers rebate originally understandable, but in Taobao customers who invest money, time, effort and sweat on the cooperation of websites and platforms to hijack rebates, such behavior is very immoral.

one, rebate shopping tools emerge in endlessly,

in the same industry, the Tao internal cannibalism phenomenon has It is often seen. Taobao alliance have adopted, a series of titles and freeze accounts measures, but still can not change this situation. The closure of a guest account, apply for the addition of a new guest account is very easy, the horse to hijack way, this situation makes many guest complain incessantly, perhaps is not the lack of the crackdown, but a strong reform measures.

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