Gaoliangjiu operation method of secret registered Wangzhuan on lineBeware common scam Wangzhuan novi

point on "Le Zhi small world registration task tutorial", we see as shown below, this is the so-called tutorial, in fact, just tell you, where to register, how to register, what are the notes?.

secret: when good software download, but requires registration fees, please you to go around, because most of them are such sites, although you need this software, but it does not mean you buy such a site can really make money, because this kind of site has serious flooding not worthy of you to operate.

network fund scam

such sites generally indicate how much money you invest and how long it can be returned to you. Most of these sites are deceptive, and the packaging is perfect. Some packaging into foreign language web site, and some packaging into traditional Chinese Taiwan site, in short, engage in very professional, very mysterious.

free Witkey earn money

wrote a few days ago in 2010 may be some of the common network scam, after many days of thinking, today decided to write the remaining scam. Not because they do not know what to write, and do not know how to write, in order to be more clear, and more thoroughly demonstrated the nature of these cheats, so that we will no longer be deceived.

before, because do not understand technology, there is no way in A5 with the task to make money, so I chose to do some "registered Wangzhuan" in a variety of Witkey website, in short, is to complete the registration issued in Witkey task, and then obtain the corresponding task commission. Through tireless diligent registration, the younger brother actually can earn up to 100 yuan per day. Its efforts are worthy of recognition. However, the boy never thought that they can no longer is not hard to do the task, and the task to do so, he was in fact a study on employers? Simply will find it too easy. There is no technical threshold. Next, highlight it for a long time. How do these employers operate?. This means that you can also issue tasks for others to work for you from then on.

highlighted for a long time to "participate in this task", so everything is out of the blue.

began to explain before, I want to say is, I am very disgusted with the word "Wangzhuan", because the word has more and more "liar" "cheating" "MLM" bad properties associated, it is true that there are some normal operating method is worthy of recognition, but less and less. The online registration site belongs to the "cheating" category. There is no doubt that it can make you earn money, but it is not glorious. Because of this, I decided to put these people’s practices open, if you can learn, then do their competitors. OK, now get the better pig Witkey network currently in our country as an example, we open the pig site, in the "promotion" under this section, the "registered Wangzhuan" small category, we can see that many of the tasks are basically completed the registration task can get how many yuan the Commission, the average price of the basic unit of 1 yuan to 5 yuan, if the patient should be able to do good.

build toll software download site

recently there are many download sites, there are some seemingly good, very classic charging software, you can download, often the number of software as high as thousands. A friend recently sent me a sesame VIP account, the results found after download, but some have little effect, even if there is, is worth the price they sell, and buy such a site to make money, it is groundless statement.

secret: this kind of liar has a unified feature, that is, you need to enter the phone number, and respond to text messages, because they want to cheat your phone charges. Don’t believe it, because sesame has used a scrap card test, and then sent more than 40 messages, sent only a cow, not the user name password. And this time, the phone charge has reached more than 100 negative.

just point to open a task content page, the title is "a large number of registered tasks, 1 yuan a release easily earn good", in the task requirements, this task requires participants to open the tutorial address, registered according to the tutorial. Actually, this tutorial is just a sina blog. OK, let’s click on this tutorial blog. As shown below, we find that the tutorial is a list of tasks.

may be the reason for the sh419 auction, recently involved in the network to make money, Wangzhuan vocabulary search results, the first place is free or free Witkey, brokers, Wiki scammers. The con man’s deception involved very clever matters. First of all, they even have their own software for users to download and use. Although this client is only a simple framework, it is enough to deceive ordinary network audiences. Then they have the support of sh419, so naturally they can get good deceptive gains.


secret: this kind of site is mostly in form of network enrichment, as long as the collapse of Pyramid, immediately escaped to leave. They usually pay several times, or more than ten times. But this kind of site is no profit source, so cheat is affirmative, just sooner or later things. So we try not to be involved in these sites, because most of the Internet money is free, such as 58task and so on, are free to Operate >

To see a boy in A5


can put in some ads. No, I’ll be right back after the commercials. Ha ha, joking with everybody. Then we can see the so-called registered Wangzhuan what is going on. Click on "participate in this task", we really see a row of advertising bars, >

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