Some analysis and view of Taobao mall eventn the Chinese online education explosive growth is too e

Taobao event:

during 2012, domestic online education platform C2C increasing, but throughout the industry, there is not a real improvement in the company, early industry has called a "sky" website, known as the "global knowledge trading platform" C2C online education company, but over the years, the on the education industry’s influence is very small. The main reasons are as follows:

first talk about online education from the C2C platform:

other merchant response:

Taobao mall adjustment analysis:

simply say the Taobao mall event: Taobao mall 11 days without warning issued new regulations, a substantial raise the mall’s deposit and service fees, resulting in many small and medium businesses to bear, even started the capital chain. These businesses gradually organized, with seven days no reason to return, give bad assessment of such a way to attack large stores, forcing them to shut shop, intended to declare war on Taobao.

1, the domestic education industry using UGC mode, user generated content, lead content quality gap is too big, take the IT education, one company the company to disclose by using the UGC model, 6 years down, the real record by the users, and about the complete the course is more than 20. And there are fewer companies in the domestic education sector adopting UGC models, and it seems everyone is evading the model. This makes it clear that the UGC model is not appropriate for the education field. The reasons for its personal view: because the education industry is different from the entertainment industry, the former content for the production of more stringent, more professional, higher complexity, which requires high users. This is a fun short video produced by Youku, and its difficulty is totally different. This results in the difficulty of mass production of high-quality content. Not only the content of the production, including audits, and even the audience, have certain professional requirements, thus greatly enhancing the scale of the difficulty, which is fatal for the C2C site defects.

2, the user pays the proportion to be low, this is a website can profit most most essential factor. Many online education website up to charges, no real pay the core group, the core of paying users need to rely on the website to develop, but not get free, then the collocation of point charges over the last few weeks, concerns over a C2C online education website, free time, sporadic some users enrolled, but once the course fees, even if only 10 yuan, the number of applicants is zero. This fully shows that the website has yet to cultivate the core user group.

small seller response:



this adjustment actually has a precursor, Taobao mall in the process of development has been hoping to clear and refine the business model. As early as 06 years, will try to introduce the competitive bidding mechanism, but by many businesses and give up the threat of withdrawal. This time it’s tougher. Taobao mall has always been mainly from large sellers to obtain revenue, while small and medium-sized sellers occupy a large amount of resources, but only to provide little revenue. In other B2C brands, such as Jingdong mall, the rapid rise of Tencent, Taobao mall felt great pressure. Therefore, we hope to improve our competitiveness through a clear group of users, detailed business structure.

in Taobao for this event was scorched by the flames when the Tencent as a bystander also immediately announced unwilling to remain out of the limelight, officially launched online shopping. Tencent officially launched a challenge to Taobao, B2C business competition will become more intense.


since 2012, online education has become a hot topic in the Internet industry, a lot of online education is the electricity supplier "," online education will view the development of blowout and continue to emerge, such as Xu Xiaoping proposed: 2013 or later years, may burst out a change of learning habits of people. Online learning is like shopping online so popular. But from the author more than 5 years of online education industry experience, the industry talk about explosive growth is too early.

incident also began to escalate, with participants nearing 50 thousand, and large businesses forced to shut down. The promoter said that unless the Taobao mall promised to repeal the new rules, it would not stop attacks. And Taobao mall President Zhang Yong tough response, "never tolerate, never compromise, there is no room."."

but it is the wrong way xiemoshalv, aroused the anger of small sellers. At the beginning of Taobao mall development are relying on the support of small sellers, and then burn the bridge after crossing it in. Taobao mall in this way is undoubtedly put themselves in the wrong situation.

editor’s note: This article by IT training website in China north network operations director Kang Xiaofei Tencent micro-blog feeds.

as a transformation, this is Taobao mall must experience the pain, just take this way is really wrong. Ma Yunceng said: "for the world’s 1000 small enterprises to create a survival, growth and development platform; create 100 million people’s employment opportunities; for the world’s 1 billion people to solve consumption problems."." Now it looks more like a joke. On the other hand, the anti – Taobao alliance is also difficult to support for a long time, after all, this attack will consume a lot of energy and time. With the intervention of the police, it should be soon

recent IT world is not lively, Joe help the Lord has not gone a few days, Taobao mall and suddenly came to a "10.11 incident."". Some people say that the IT world is the second entertainment industry, it seems to be slowly becoming a reality.

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