Classified information website has become the new darling of nternet investorsDo guest a year other

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

then you can not wait for money, we will take the initiative to find other methods to guide the online shopping experience of the people to your site, how to guide these people, it is necessary to sum up their exploration, other methods are not necessarily suitable for you. I have seen a guest master his website one day only a dozen IP, his income is a good day when there are more than 400, he can not rely on search engines, his method is with those who have online shopping experience, or potential customers and also is to become friends with them, and then slowly penetrated their products to them these friends, so the turnover rate is very high, it is a way to guide customers, I suddenly thought of a way, is to use the geometric multiplication theory principle, is to organize some useful web site, your site is also arranging to go inside, and then sent to the Internet, blog or space. Where the sorting is a lot of people very valuable will be reproduced, and the collection is a ten, ten people will be able to get a lot of valuable traffic. I also have stick, now that I think are funny, posted not what value and readability, so after posting not blind, some people will go to online shopping place, also to attract people to stick, readable, not directly naked ads, so no one will see, nobody reply soon sink.

when I’m alone I think this issue, I feel, the biggest problem is too dependent on the search engine, and from here the flow basically is to want to understand some things, and not the immediate purchase intention, most online shopping experience of people are in the solution even if you want to buy it taobao to buy, unless some no net shopping experience, do not know how to search for online shopping, only on sh419 search to your site, even if is the value of the site that you want to buy something, but not the operation process, a few days later when he understood how online shopping, believe him know to taobao, then he will go to the taobao taobao to buy, even if not, in front of his search store or product page has already failed, even if the volume is not a commission. Therefore, the search engine alone is not good, and these traffic are not much value, no harvest, but also tiring.

I also do washing for nearly a year, the time spent a lot of effort, but did not make money, but I see a lot of people do one or two months to earn a lot, this is why?

30, Alibaba Group officially announced the acquisition of the famous classified information website "reputation network", the purchase price of more than 40 million yuan. Rongcheng Internet industry told reporters that, such as "word of mouth network" such classified information sites become Internet investors sought after new hot spot.

so, now in Rongcheng building materials, living site market saturation, what website good money? Experts say, now do classified information website is a choice. The reporter was informed that this was buying the "word-of-mouth network", is actually a localized "eat, live, play" the life of the community, publish all kinds of information of each local city life, this kind of website is one of the most sought after website currently. Because the classified information release website belongs to a media release platform, when the user reaches a certain amount, the website can collect the information release fee to the merchant. It is understood that some local portals in the classification of information revenue can reach millions of dollars a year. When users reach a certain scale, the website can also derive a variety of profit models.

however, several Rongcheng has rich experience in network personal webmaster advice to investors, such as classified information website, the accumulation of popularity is the priority among priorities, whether it can attract the attention of netizens is the key to the future can be profitable. So, this site started absolutely can not charge, but also in the release of large amounts of information to avoid false information, therefore, it is a test of investor’s money and power. reporter Jianghai

did not make any money we can’t complain, but to reflect on their own, they must be wrong, where methods do not in place, so the continuous reflection reflection "for a long time that you are up to become a master of marketing, to explore their own methods, intentions to do not blindly imitate others, to write some of their own experiences, such as the A5 place is very good, we have to come here every day, so much to write their own experience to A5, because in your writing experience while you were thinking, then think of the problems of their own, and have been.

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