70 projects over 800 million yuan financing the spring of new media in the end whatVC and VC are so

at that time, many people are just for fun, even they can not feed themselves, then Public opinions are divergent. Because their profit model, or monotonous and boring, in addition to money, want to cash, it is nothing more than the "advertising" of the old road, using its own public influence, release of paid content in the third party platform. Inadvertently, there is the danger of "advertising dogs" smashing their signs.


two years of new media financing has been in hot stage. I dark horse according to public information, to statistics since 2014 70 to WeChat public number for the operation of the main one of the new media venture project financing, the total financing amounted to nearly 850 million yuan, in the valuation of more than 100 million yuan of the project reached 16.

but in those days, big V people again cattle, also and financing this thing is not to pull over.

agricultural science and technology can be divided into the following categories:

NetEase technology news July 8th, according to foreign media reports, agricultural technology is no longer an unknown niche market. At present, the agricultural science and technology industry is a hot chase of some venture capital institutions, investment related industries continue to rise, the investment of agricultural science and technology company in 2015 venture capital institutions reached $4 billion 600 million, the highest value in three years.

The emergence of At the same time,

, however, there are people who believe in the future of the media. In 2012, when he was director of the science and technology Tencent Cheng Ling Feng left, announced by micro-blog and special media column to release information, to obtain royalties and consulting income for students.

but now the market opportunities for agricultural industries are increasing. This is a huge industry with a total output value of 7 trillion and 800 billion, accounting for 10% of the global total GDP. It has attracted more and more investors’ attention. In the Forbes 2015 annual report, a total of 503 private enterprises were financed. The industry is paying more and more attention to the "third wave of innovation". In the third wave of innovation, all companies are Internet driven technology companies, start-ups are challenging such as hotels, transportation and other traditional industry model, and now began to enter the agricultural industry.

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introduction: the user’s knowledge quality is getting higher and higher, the cost of content realization is also getting higher and higher, where is the next breakthrough?

in this age, even from the media, is no longer limited to a person to write alone. Mass, institutional, content is becoming increasingly rich, the content of entrepreneurship, the fire is burning.

has great potential for agricultural technology, which has great demand for improving agricultural production efficiency, saving resources, meeting the basic needs of the whole world, and ensuring that consumers get clean, safe and healthy food. To achieve all this, technological innovation is a necessary means.

WeChat has brought about new changes. After the explosion of network information, the public is precise, professional and heavy

everyone is saying, the spring of content entrepreneurship is coming. In particular, the success of Papi sauce financing seems to open a valve, envy, surprise, fanaticism, all emotions released. The focus on content entrepreneurship has suddenly been raised to a high point.

From the media The

·, Michael, chief information officer of Land O’Lakes agricultural cooperation unit in the US blue lake company, told Forbes recently that there were only 20 agricultural technology companies in the United States in 2010, MCrie Michael Macrie.

is a complex and diverse industry with multiple sectors linked to farmers, investors and other industry stakeholders. Agricultural science and technology innovation spans many disciplines, involving beef, dairy products, cultivated crops, permanent crops, aquaculture, forestry and Fisheries and so on. Each species is distinguished from other specific requirements.

micro-blog quickly replaced blog status with its strong sociability. A group of very strong reputation and social status of the big coffee, after the real name settled, the rapid accumulation of a large number of people. While the 140 word limit, to make the most direct challenge to the writer’s talent, skills and for readers to grasp the psychological, from the operation to the genius panda, from Jiangning museum to mother-in-law magazine, from the network to the national grassroots, red star, husband, satin hand, the brightest large V who are fans gathered micro-blog, a minute forwarded over 10000.

knowledge is power. This remark seems to have been specially verified today.

financing spring breeze, in WeChat since the media era, blowing

industry: farmland input technology, including chemical fertilizers and pesticides, soil improvement agent, biological genetics, seed and feed; precision agriculture, including UAV and robot technology, big data, smart devices and sensors, farmland management software; new products and new business models, package >

note: total financing of agricultural technology from 2010 to 2015

in fact, for a long time, agricultural technology has not been the focus of venture capital funds. Only a small amount of money will be invested in biotechnology. Even in recent years, companies are interested in focusing on Steve ·, the "second wave of innovation" called "Steve Case" – Web services, social media, and mobile technologies. Agriculture is the least expensive digital industry, according to the McKinsey Co.

self media concept has a long history. Blogs and BBS have long been forgotten by young people, but many famous bloggers and writers started out, and their status as a "big V" seems different.

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