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crazy coverage in many universities, students have millions of users, Chinese college students as a leader in the social field, has been to "crazy crazy University" for the purpose, in love, entertainment, employment and other aspects of service of College students. The university student venture fund, which is to be established, is a support for entrepreneurs’ funds and a potential for University students. Crazy point with the "capital + strength" approach, the university student success in entrepreneurship.

Ma Yunceng said: "entrepreneurship is to adhere to their dreams, to dream of a practical opportunity.". Now, in the public venture, the highly innovative trend, the college students’ entrepreneurial atmosphere and strong demand, but according to the "Chinese college students employment and entrepreneurship development report" shows: the rate of entrepreneurship of college graduates nationwide in 2015 was only 2.86%. The lack of venture capital has become the biggest obstacle for college students to start their business. In order to help college students’ education, employment and entrepreneurship, crazy college students are going to set up "College Students’ venture fund"".

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in support of university students, crazy point, in addition to the establishment of "university student venture fund", will also through a series of campus propaganda and promotion activities, will "public entrepreneurship, people innovation" thought into the campus. Encourage students to share their entrepreneurial experience, learning entrepreneurial skills, rich students’ awareness of entrepreneurial employment, and enhance the entrepreneurial ability of College students.


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crazy point, said, "college students venture fund" project will be implemented as soon as possible, to inject money into the vitality of College students. There are entrepreneurial needs of college students can be concerned about the "crazy point" dynamic, seize the entrepreneurial opportunities, achievement of their own entrepreneurial dream!

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