Four factors on the website included the number change of the height of the love of Shanghai

from above, we already know the importance of home, if you want to be included in the article did not appear on the home page, so it is hard to be included, so for the small website, update the contents of the corresponding best can be reflected from the home page, such as now in many communities on the use of such a method, channel related content updates, the title will appear on the home page of the relevant column, is to be able to let the love of Shanghai is collected as soon as possible!

now has a jingle for oil prices, international oil price is up, then we have planes and international standards, international oil prices fell, the duo will go Chinese features, love in Shanghai included, there are typical continental features, such as weight for Gov web site and self brand are given a high, but for other sites may according to certain rules, but the rules may change from time to time, become more conducive to their own brand development! So these uncertain factors lead to the instability of Shanghai included love!

four: the new website included change is more rapid

three: love Shanghai has the characteristics of the domestic

many people think that the number of Web sites included changes quickly, especially the love of Shanghai included the number, sometimes is about dozens, an important factor in causing this situation is to love Shanghai when included in the article, there is often a period of assessment, the specific assessment period what is still in the industry a secret, BUG love is perhaps the Shanghai search engine, for Google, included the straightforward and direct access to the core, Shanghai love is always veiled, collected first title, and then a few weeks do they withdrew, but in most cases, the contents of the article and put it out! It is the love of Shanghai is such a mechanism that caused the changes included very frequent!

two: love Shanghai included the assessment result included the number of

want to know the love of Shanghai for new sites included is always more rigorous, take a very long period, some need for a month, so in this time of change is very normal, there is.


really, love Shanghai technology and Google’s technology are not a two generation, and love in Shanghai today are able to beat Google in the mainland, a key factor is that Google or no attention to the mainland market, in order to love Shanghai have loopholes, take your website and see it, Google mining web directory depth is much deeper than the love of Shanghai, so Google for original general can be included, and love in Shanghai? Unless you desperately want to feed the spider, the collection of pages in the key position of the home page, it may be included, this is what I feel the deepest web editor, therefore, also summarized several factors included sites in Shanghai love changes, a way out to share with you!

: love Shanghai very much love to collect the content of home

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