2016 new chain layout skills quickly improve website ranking


If you know

specific classification? I after years of exploration, summed up the following points:

is good inside chain website can give extra points, also has a significant effect on the number of long tail keywords promotion. However, a lot of people at the time of the operation but because of various reasons, and fail to achieve the desired effect, then, specifically how to operate is right? Today I would like to share with you some of my personal experience in this area.

The use of

, a directory of top. What is the name of directory, as shown below:

2, the complex things as divided into two categories, because two is the most simple, you more simple, your content will be higher, the more favorable for weight lifting, you are more complex, the user selects it more difficult, will increase the user’s choice. The following figure, if this site is not divided into ordinary residential and commercial real estate in two categories, but directly to the 7 kinds of mixed together, so why is this site will be penalized,? Very simple, classification is too confusing, increasing the user’s selected >


1, we only in the home, try to provide a few popular content. We must learn to exercise restraint, especially new sites, itself weight is not high, if the home directory is too much, it is easy to search engine will be regarded as cheating, cheating the consequences we know everything. The following figure, there are 6 categories, each category below but only 3 to 4 small categories, there is no more products can go into it, of course not, you click on the more you can see a lot of classification, this is in full compliance with the "we are only in the home, try to provide a few popular content" principle also, it is more in line with the user experience.

We all know that

this category essentially within the chain. So how are we going to do this in order to achieve the classification directory to the website plus the purpose? First of all, we think, what is the purpose of classification is not, in order to better facilitate the user to choose what he wants, for example you want to rent a house, there is a directory in the picture above, you are not easily from 58 this big platform, tens of thousands of houses to find the information you want. This is the directory of benefits. We all know that the user is a choice cost, if we can through the directory to reduce the cost of the user’s choice, that our website will not have a better user experience, search engine will not give us the website points.

So how to

directory of the benefits, we’re going to do, but we must remember that the intention is to select the directory is more convenient for users, so you if the classification is not good, the too complex, would be counterproductive, not only conducive to ranking, but will be penalized because the user experience is very poor.

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