An example analysis of influence on the search engine website server

, a website snapshot update error

three, website keywords ranking drop


server not less to domain name to the new IP, may love Shanghai’s own server cache DNS, after the replacement of the IP website, although the domain name has been correctly pointed to the new IP address, but the cache domain to love Shanghai or old IP, to love Shanghai or go to the old spider crawling the server, but the server has stopped due to the old site of the SQL process, only IIS is normal, when the spider crawling website, can crawl home is as shown in the error page.

Shanghai included love back

server because of the reason of the network, the server was originally a single line, led directly to the part of the line Unicom users can not access, finally decided to replace the server. Wanted to avoid being right down through the exchange of IP, thus preventing the ranking back off, but disaster is unavoidable. After changing IP:

As shown in figure

, the site of the primary key three had dropped to 100, although the website main keywords was not high, but also are in less than 100.

is a website snapshot update, but update is the old server site.


Analysis of the causes of adverse effects:


January 2nd to replace the server from the above data we can see that the site included is regressive trend, today included for 1, is likely to have been examining the love of Shanghai.




website server replacement is inevitable website often encountered problems, there are many possible reasons, such as the server hard disk is damaged, the server attack, the server is not stable, resulting in part of the single server users cannot access etc.. However, the replacement of the server if the improper operation is very easy to be search engine punishment.

general search engine spiders cache time on the domain name IP address DNS is 1-7 days, so we replace the web server, the best way is to seamlessly switch. After the IP domain name to a new server, our old server still need to maintain the normal operation of the content until the search engine can normal included new server. This article source: 贵族宝贝 reprint reserves

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