Don’t bury yourself in the so called Shanghai Dragon Technology

Er Shanghai Longfeng not without cost, but the cost is also more and more high, now the cost is already a few years ago several times.


and some lost, most easily tightly entangled in the Shanghai dragon, finally "killed" in the Shanghai dragon above. Shanghai dragon Er is not only the need to change the thinking, but also the commercial awareness and life planning.

reality is a hammer, but fantasy is a fragile egg.

this stage is the bonus period, income is very easy to go up.

don’t cure yourself, don’t bury yourself in Shanghai dragon, it is only the method and tool.

Shanghai dragon Er per year a few years ago to 30W+, is not difficult, if you experience in more than 5 years, the magnitude of the benefits you should enjoy.

in all walks of life in Shanghai Longfeng saturated stage, want to through a single way to achieve revenue often may lead to the outcome, and the popularity of the mobile application side dispersed customer source.

I have ever seen, also witnessed this stage of some companies, I called the original brain stage: Shanghai dragon Er against the site’s natural flow can easily achieve an annual income of more than 30W (to B, easier to implement sales or customer price high, such as a package of products company. A one-time customer ordering box in.

said here the "cost" refers to the ranking difficulty, competition, business environment, ROI, server factors, physical mental cost and superior attitude, this is also the Shanghai dragon this business up to today’s inevitable. Any bonus period in the past, the late entrants must pay the cost of the early entrants several times, this is the law of market.

through technology and their ability to enter the ranks of the 30W+, is not an article can be said to the end, but according to follow, not only need to adhere to, need to think. Occasionally, we stopped myself, to see the past, present and future, organize your thoughts again on the road, the scenery of life is different.

Many novice veteran

1 * no brain type Shanghai dragon has been eliminated gradually

90% Shanghai dragon Er even more than 5 years of business, income is still at a low level.

a few years ago, many of the traditional boss urgent hope on the Internet "gold", often go to some training institutions (the class is now very common), to understand the concept of Shanghai dragon in the training division introduced. Some thinking and flexible boss back to the company, soon recruited Shanghai dragon Er, and with the editors, artists and other positions, slowly pull up a website. The Shanghai dragon ER and editor of several months of efforts, finally realized the website ranking, included more, and then gradually with the volume of business, a good boss happy, employees’ income is quite good.

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