Four Misunderstandings in learning Shanghai dragon can not be ignored


3 new sites in the short term, should avoid excessive increase in the chain, pointing text etc.. The increase is the chain to a steady increase in the short term, if you add a lot, then you can do every day to increase so much? Less time, changes in volatility, may cause the search engine to alert. Buy a lot of high weight of the chain webmaster all know, your short-term rankings may be rising, but when you are removed due to high weight when your ranking will fall down, you buy the chain like to eat opium, if you eat, you have to insist on eating. I still advise you don’t buy what make the weight of the chain, of course, if you have enough money, then continue to eat!

selection not you think good is good keywords, such as the Shanghai dragon, if you spend a lot of manpower and material resources to optimize up, more traffic, but to bring you the customer is almost zero, because the conversion rate is low, it is often not worth the candle optimization. I love the long tail keywords, long tail keywords to bring us the flow is small, but useful, for example we add area, Shanghai dragon before cases: " Beijing Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Shanghai dragon, adding " optimization of total area is relatively simple, bring us customers are often beyond our expectations.

4 new sites, should avoid collecting tool for collecting articles, you do stand if you want to get the favour of search engine, then you must give him a little sweetness, if you give him all he had eaten, then he will love you? If you really don’t understand the original article, then I suggest you at least for the original me, the food re packaged, so the search engine will still love. It is recommended that you still do not go.

! The coverage rate and position of the

search engine on the Internet has become increasingly high, Shanghai dragon is a webmaster essential lessons. Many online rookie learned the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon after feeling also is very simple, so they began to optimize their site up. Of course, you can move very well, but we do not want to Shanghai, so simple, we should pay attention to errors:

Keywords keywords and

2, everybody in the title should be avoided when used "the first, the best, the largest" sensitive word, because we are the new sites, but can not be what the first station ah, the best site of what ah. These words must use the words must be strict requirements, otherwise it is easy to cause other protests.

site title, keywords, description of all will be good to consider, but here we advised, not too much to optimize keywords to describe, but do not transition in the keyword bold with black, should be optimized to properly, or may be search engine drop right, serious may be K. The site is down right after we should do? Is to optimize a title, keywords, keyword stuffing don’t appear more. So how to choose keywords:

How to choose the key words:

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