360 search along the way to launch the third generation of search technology

360 for the first generation of search technology is artificial retrieval represented by YAHOO, the search technology as artificial retrieval technology is not advanced, there are some shortcomings, less information and manual operation. The second generation of search technology is autolinking analysis technology represented by Google, according to the definition of "anti chain weights, using the crawler to crawl the page content and keyword matching. The second generation technology by artificial evolution to search acquisition machine, but there are still shortcomings, it is difficult to shield malicious sites and malicious Shanghai dragon. Summary of the first and second generation technique. The third generation technology is more mature, technical analysis of "PeopleRank" by netizens social evaluation, according to the poll ranking show direct reaction.

is the third generation of search technology – "I search"

written in the last: the search engine has been the majority of users on the Internet to search something first choice, but there are a number of search engine search field, there are some competition, the 360 launch of third generation search technology, is able to bring up the search area proportion is 360, no matter how the result is, in general, the reference netizens comment on this point as the A5 webmaster (www.admin5贵族宝贝) editor I feel very good. Here, I hope this technology to launch the 360 search

took a year long 360 comprehensive search in 2013 August 16th launched the third generation of search technology – "I search"

launched the third generation of search technology – "My Search Search Technology launched, 360 vice president said in the introduction to" I search "light of the East, contains two important measures: one is the" site name card "function of industry website identity; the two is the introduction of the netizen comments and show up in search results, using tomato colors to represent tomato with red yellow and green three colors, which represent different meanings, red tomatoes: high quality site, sought after by users; yellow tomato: website also improvise, users wait; green tomatoes website is not standard, users do not love. To show this effect allows us to search more easy to find a good answer.

In August 16th 360

360 comprehensive search technology

better and better! The history of the development of

recently, search news continuously, shortly before the 360 Youdao search provides the technical support, then in August 16th 360, launched the third generation of search technology. In 2012 August 16th, is located in the field of security chiefs 360 launched 360 comprehensive search, in one fell swoop into the search field. We know that the love of Shanghai is among the highest in the search field in the first place, but on the line near the 360 search was in a very short period of time to win the search field second, rapid development is to.

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