How do search engine has not been included in the website



if you have encountered such embarrassing and helpless, the line on the website for a long time, but has not been included in the search engine, a customer facing the pressing and puzzled, let others increasingly feel that you are a rookie Shanghai dragon Er, optimized for a long time even the website search engine is not included, even a search engines are not fixed, but also what to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization? On the other hand, the search engine is not what I can control, what time to search the Pastebin website who knows? Whenever I encounter this problem, each for the Shanghai dragon Er people, the heart do not know how many in the roaring horse.

The diagnosis analysis of

included new sitesThe

site has not been included in the search engine reasons here:

1, robots file search engines: the ban will be installed on the server or a period of time before the line on the website, website design and production in order to facilitate the enterprise or individual owners of the progress of work, but also for enterprises and personal webmaster and Internet company timely communication, to facilitate the design and modification of the site. Before the line most programs on the site will be on the site of the robots file settings, banned search engines of the site, and the site officially launched, some of the more careless website optimization promotion personnel are not to check the website of the robots file, started the website optimization and promotion, and the line on the website for a long time the site has been not to be included, and come back to check the robots files there seems to be too late. Each site as Shanghai dragon optimization promotion people, carefully and carefully check the details of each part of the website is essential, is also a basic work site optimization of Shanghai dragon.


2, on the site after the line has been changed: the line on the website often change, causing the site to be search engine error judged to be not trusted sites and extend the evaluation period included. Once the website confirmed on the line, revision and site modification must be careful now, like love Shanghai search engine, to a new on-line website has been included by the assessment period of one to seven days old, for three to seven days, the assessment included even longer, on a search engine site assessment has become the long time. If the site in line three to seven days, often modify the layout of the site or other functions, search engine will be.

website has face has not been included in the search engine, as the website optimization promotion personnel, how to break? How to solve the site will not be included? Lang Shanghai dragon today to talk about the optimization of the site optimization promotion of those things, the site has not been included in the search engine, there are many worthy of your website optimization rise the space, then the site will not be included as a website optimization Shanghai Longfeng promotion personnel, what to do to solve the website is not indexed by search engines.

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