Do five basic work easily reduce the site’s jump out rate

is like a person, only to have the external beauty is not enough, if there is no inner beauty, she is only a vase. For our site with single speed and attract the attention of designers enough, visitors to your site and not to design your site, they still want to get the information they want mainly. And it is the soul of a site, which affects the site’s ranking and low bounce rate. I think we need to do better content, and don’t abuse



Design of

, ensure the page opening speed

for our webmaster grassroots, to do is do site traffic, so users. A not studied target users of the site is not possible long-term success of the operation down, we need to analyze continuously, visitors to our site what is the purpose? What they need at our site can provide what? "

visitors came to our site, a holistic view into the first visitors eyeball is the site. Just imagine, if a page layout design of out of order, or vulgar riotous with colour design, the user has the mood to see this content? The author thinks, concise and unique style page template can let visitors have a more comfortable reading environment! In the design of the page, at the same time to design to the corresponding color layout according to the attribute of our target user, so as to truly capture the heart of visitors.

page open speed too slow, directly affects the user friendly experience, a slow loading speed will undoubtedly increase the bounce rate of users. We selected the server stability and speed must be perfect, for the site, the image on the page, JS and flash to the maximum compression processing. In general, a whole page loaded when the maximum not more than six seconds.

four, on the psychological needs of visitors

for the bounce rate of this problem, I think a lot of optimization personnel are very clear, a site out rate show whether this site to get the favour of visitors, and the bounce rate for our rankings will influence. Jump out rate is low, the more love that visitors to our site. I think our site out rate should be controlled below 50%, then how can we really easily reduce the rate of jump out of our site? I think we as long as the five basic work written from below to start, then reduce the bounce rate is not difficult.


! three, improve the site’s content


two, concise

The pages The quality of

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