A thought of love in Shanghai launched sitelink triggered

why I say it?

from the 628 events of the year, love Shanghai has not stopped, the big moves constantly, algorithm several upgrades, but it is a change in style, several changes are also specially issued notice. From the love of Shanghai series of actions, there is a clear objective, that is, to consolidate the station station reputation status, to further reduce the trash living space, let the novice webmaster more challenges.

Of course, the sitelink

The following figure:

compared with nobility baby sitelink, small classification l> love here in Shanghai.

, in addition to more than usual show some classification, let a friend in need of more efficient access to relevant section, I see no major benefit, also can understand a simple love Shanghai to give them increased to enhance the authority of the.

these are my personal experience, and again hit, however, if love Shanghai really is to provide good search experience for the purpose, I still support. The company today, as usual to A5 webmaster website to see the information, used to love Shanghai search, find A5 sitelink, and Google search almost, although love Shanghai slow for many years, but can think up, or conscious luo.

as a small grassroots webmaster, I personally have a profound experience, there is a pile of 20 station I was on hand, including ranking dead nearly 4/5628 events, not to the rest of the 1/5628 incident, in the proposal and questioned the webmaster, love from Shanghai, said the main is to suppress the garbage station, they had been. Live is a few old station 3, 5 years of history, although there are fresh content, but quality content is not much. The last love of Shanghai issued a notice to rectify said steering the website weights for the purpose of trading links, exchange links, link spamming behavior, their station once again injured, because the weight of these I have a history of small PR value and the value found by webmasters are good, so with the station to hang a few links, this old station I love Shanghai currently only included fresh content, home page ranking disappear, disappear.

sitelink launch further proof: love Shanghai’s move is in the station, the station to consolidate reputation status, to further reduce the trash living space, let the novice webmaster more challenges. From the above figure cut out the content, it is not difficult to see that love Shanghai appeared in sitelink page is very selective, apparently according to this page on the site in the weight of the. For example, A5 A5 Home Forum than the more popular popularity, so A5 forum sitelink, A5 Adsense nets page does not appear. Whereas the Chinaz home to do better than the forum, so the front page of Chinaz sitelink, the forum did not appear.


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