Optimization of setbacks encountered in the process of website operation optimization


first, the high quality of the original article writing difficulty. Can not deny that many optimization personnel are station or program origin, its copy level there will be some flaws, coupled with the Internet products similar, especially enterprise site, product features are very similar, which caused during the process of writing problems, when just beginning to enter an industry may also slightly writing inspiration. With the rapid increase of the number of articles, own the source material often appeared increasingly exhausted, which resulted in our website article writing quality problems, the author thinks that face the difficulties in reading industry news, observe peers and competitors, understand the news, newspapers, magazines and periodicals industry will provide help for us writing.

site operation and maintenance optimization setbacks encountered in the process of optimization is one of the websites as everyone knows, small and medium-sized enterprises to choose the most important means of Internet marketing, the rapid development of the Internet, causing people to search engines a surge in demand, and the inevitable chemical sites have emerged, in the website optimization at the same time, we should not only know the search engine brings precision the flow rate and the conversion rate at the same time, must be vigilant, website optimization factors a variety of instability process will face, good gossip short continued today theme, optimization of setback site operation and maintenance optimization process.

second. Before 2013, Shanghai did not love optimization for the chain release platform put forward specific definition, but the 2013 is bound to be a search engine especially love Shanghai the biggest change in a year, released to the outside of the chain from the station in Shanghai, love not just for the algorithm was upgraded in a large scale, but also for the chain and the article also put forward specific requirements, the chain mainly advocating nature, recommended the chain, which leads to our human chain construction methods such as forum signature, buy links, for the purchase of news sources outside the chain of unprecedented embarrassment, love Shanghai is to let others take the initiative to reprint your article for the chain active intention, add the chain for your website, this seems to work just now and we draw further apart, in view of this the author thinks that in this case we can write high right The soft to the platform to contribute, as long as the quality is high to be reproduced after the chain brought to a certain extent is in line with the requirements of the love of Shanghai, it also reduces the risk of our people outside the chain.

Optimization of distress exhaustion of the construction of the chain platform,

third, search engine upgrade for our algorithm is not controllable by the enhancement of website ranking. Not only do website optimization will be the main keywords ideal position, and the key is to cannot continue, we optimize the staff have been touched the stones, once a slight mistake or search engine optimization website ranking algorithm change, greatly reduce and even K is inevitable, it causes us to website optimization is not controllable is greatly increased; especially the big update, the chain fell sharply. It is no doubt that these questions are difficult, but also the most tangled.

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