How to optimize the method of top website article

can be seen from above, regardless of whether the user is the search keywords "love Shanghai" or search ranking optimization, search keywords "love Shanghai" search optimization ranking I can get home page ranking. Read the following case by case to explain how to optimize the.


article head optimization


write on your keywords must choose keywords with high heat in the search, but also the relevance and content of the article you wrote more than eighty percent.

in the article we will used to each section to write a small H is the title in bold, but don’t write, write just one, otherwise it will affect the quality.


my 1 case Figure 2 "key words: love Shanghai" ranked first in

case 2


the ranking of a website can be said is basically rely on the rankings to get a lot of traffic, if a website article is not optimized, so this site will lose ninety-nine percent of the traffic, you can imagine the importance of website article optimization, such as we do not recognize when general home owners and A5 webmaster network we have is the time to recognize them through.

in the head when combined with the content of input keywords, if you love Shanghai keywords optimization search keywords ranking, then in the head like optimization, keywords can be split, the love of Shanghai to write, and then in the next sentence in writing search, then write the following words in the sentence, then write the ranking. But if you don’t want to love Shanghai search optimization, optimization of the word following.


article title H optimization

Figure When Figure search ranking optimization

case 1

but for many webmaster or did not care about the optimization of personnel in all, there are many webmaster have stressed the website content is king, the chain for the emperor, if you do ninety-nine percent of the flow of people do not see your website through the article, so how do you develop your website, so as to the quality to flow. On the forwarding path is not unique, according to my investigation and study, a popular article well optimized to a website to bring traffic actually up to one hundred and seventy thousand hits, the number of evaluation 900, the webmaster to think, if your article is forwarded hundreds of times, so you can give this article optimized degree your site to bring millions of traffic, some owners may not believe so I’ll give you a look at the case, which also took out a small achievement for everyone to see their own.

The title of the article

my 1 case Figure 2 "key words: love Shanghai" ranked seventh ranking search optimization

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