Beginners familiar with the company’s business to make optimization strategy of

second, beginners do not optimize to optimize. The second point is a lot of new optimization most headache, if the website is not optimized by details so keywords has not forthcoming, once the optimization intention too much publicity would have been down the right search engine, so this time, how should we grasp the optimal size, in fact it seems that you should make clear the purpose of optimization and service object in the author, if your starting point is from the user point of view you can let go to carry out optimization of your work, but the main reason for over a lot of new optimization is the wrong object, blindly to cater to the search engine, such as the title actually put the number of keywords, you should analyze your website theme and user request, if blindly to a large number of repeated keywords obviously your intention is to optimize and stack keywords, service object into a long love Shanghai. The follow-up will certainly lead to optimization.

third, must make the optimization process and optimization cycle strictly. The optimization is not purposeless day walk in the content and the chain of the routine but to continue through the details of the adjustment through the details of the improvement to analysis and change, so we optimize each technique optimization stage and some ideas are different, which requires us to establish a detailed optimization process and optimization cycle. The process is mainly reflected in the keywords for deployment for every one of our key words by what optimization methods, such as the main keywords to the home page to do, the secondary key columns and list page to do the long tail words we can use the article page, these are reflected in the optimization process, we also stand outside.

first, you have to understand your company’s customer concerns in what place. Our website optimization is the main face of our website, then, in the optimization process, we must pay attention to their own company customers interested in what place, to our Shaanxi Junrui training school as an example, we mainly aims at the intention of Shaanxi community to test the students, resident in Shaanxi between 18 to 40 years old then, in section examination is certainly the focus of the deployment of Shaanxi community program, our present in order to expand keywords accuracy and richness of content, constantly in the website user experience and content related to the degree of construction efforts, in order to good quality by visiting our site to help the students, through the optimization analysis of students needs to develop the long tail of the word in the title selection of empathy, these in fact is the business and user contact up to do some small Details.


as a beginner we must pay attention to the optimization optimization method in the optimization process to grasp the new optimization for we don’t have any experience, this time by touching the stones from other continuous optimization ideas or in accordance with the requirements to optimize the administrative work related, so this time we as a beginner must be familiar with the company’s business in order to gradually develop their own understanding of the idea of the optimization of the industry, the author discuss we can carry out the work from what.

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