Content optimization direction of 2016 related enterprise website

second, to show the positive application illustrated. Because many sales promotion enterprise website or the corresponding products, traditional content model is more to show in the form of pictures and parameters, this will let many users see Yunshanwuzhao, not knowing why it is so natural. In the new year, we want to get rid of this single show the contents of the form, but with similar Taobao products to show the form of it through the use of personnel, the corresponding operation plus, make use of the product and related functions are better able to show to the user, and it can also effectively illustrated the way enhanced web pages can be read, and thus enhance the quality of content.

Shanghai dragon

for the impact began to increase, many enterprises begin to pay attention to the construction of the WeChat public number, for the construction of the website, its power far from previous years so big, although WeChat public can have good publicity for the enterprise, also can produce certain effect of service, but the public pays more attention to the WeChat No. the application of the fragmentation of time of the user, but the website is relatively informal, for the corporate brand image and the user’s professional help are often larger, so in 2016, the enterprise website will be the enterprise again, this means that the need to increase efforts to optimize the enterprise website.

first, the enterprise website will pay more attention to the content of plough. In the optimization of environment in Shanghai under the new dragon, the importance of content began to emerge, not only need to have high quality and originality, content should also be higher, and the site can have a good correlation, at the same time, these contents can better help users, lets users because the content more help. Therefore, in the new year, one of the focus on optimizing the enterprise website is to make content of plough, get rid of enterprise website simple display mode, but to produce good and user interaction, allowing users to participate, together to create high quality content, which can enhance the enterprise website popularity and content the quality, and thus enhance the site’s ranking.

third, the positive application of video content. The bandwidth of the network construction in China now has made great progress, the release of some video content has become possible in the enterprise web site, users in the open so that video content, will not feel multicard, feel slow, although these video content for the love of Shanghai, can not directly capture, but video the importance is self-evident, we introduced the enterprise through the video to introduce products clearly than text more intuitive, but also better able to attract users. Shanghai video and love will also actively grasp all kinds of video, only.

Although in recent years, WeChat

optimization technology in recent years has made great development, optimization of core technology is also in constant innovation, optimize the mode of the traditional chain for the king has been difficult to play the effect, the real content of the return of the king, following the analysis in the new year, the optimization direction of enterprise website content, provide some guidance so as to optimize the enterprise website.

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