View of the two stable keywords ranking love Shanghai

since ancient times, are Dajiangshan difficult, more difficult to keep country, do stand is the same reason. To do a new, early is very hard, not only to enrich the content, but also the construction of the chain. Website ranking up although the content and the chain is not so hard, but must have always on tenterhooks day, worried about ranking dropped, perhaps this is the station to see the love of Shanghai face life pain. After getting up, most of the webmaster is to open the computer, we must first check your site keywords ranking is still afraid to wake up, no site. It is the same with me, but I’m lucky every day can see your own website.

second point continuous chain import also includes Links, for ranking is stable site think it is the best to do less or do Links, because whether you add or delete Links may cause changes in the ranking of the key words, the love of Shanghai is very sensitive to Links, of course, when you need it or do the. The so-called persistent chain import is in peacetime attention guidance some one-way links to their website is the reverse link site, increase the reverse link there are many, such as love, know Shanghai blog, BBS signature, do not think that the construction of the chain need not be ranked up, if you stop the chain the construction of the website ranking at any time may be people to squeeze down, speaking in front of my personal signature mining station >

from my contact to update the site until now has only 2 years of time, and for the first year is to work in the network company, in early February of last year to do personal webmaster, mix for a year, have nearly one hundred thousand traffic, still can solve the problems of life, that ugly point is better than work. Today to share their views on the stable keywords ranking, personally keywords ranking once up to stable ranking mainly depends on two points: one is the quality of the content, the two is the chain into persistent. I have a QQ signature site, started using the new domain name, 3 months after the keyword QQ character signature to love Shanghai second pages, even though there are dropped to third, but basically stable on page second. Following on with my practice:

first content quality, ranking up the website although you don’t need to update a large number of articles like the early site, but should pay attention to quality, because every day you send something has been read, and PV is a key factor affecting the ranking, the user experience of the higher you can keep users, can arrange to love Shanghai before the two page website is the basic content is to help users, while others rely on technology can put the garbage to the front page, but after all, still a minority, and you have to admit that you never fall in love with the sea than clever. To do the content has three aspects, one is the practical articles, two articles within the chain, the three is the title up method. These are the Shanghai dragon inside things, I do not specifically say.

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