The site is the common problem and solution of K

site is the four highest incidence of K common problems. The site appeared to be K phenomenon, how can we solve the


chain quality is a key factor determining the Google PR value, of course, for the website keywords ranking also play a good role, so the exchange Links became head of the daily work. And the high quality of the exchange station Links can obtain high PR output value for your website, but the exchange Links and punished by search engine station, because the station will suffer joint punishment, it has also become a website by a common phenomenon in K.

2. and a penalized site exchange chain

web pageWe all know that

reasonable optimization will create great value for website optimization excessive, it will backfire, this is the current webmaster headache. Want to let Shanghai Longfeng Optimization Website promotion to a higher level, but also afraid of optimization to make their sites over cause and dilemma of the forbidden crowning calamity. So the website optimization is also over Shanghai Longfeng site was one of the common K.

, keywords, title page title keyword description information for the description page keyword layout, site keywords ranking plays a very important role, so do the meta keyword information layout, is beneficial to improve the site keywords ranking. But the title of the site title is the core words of a web site, if the frequent change of the title of the website, will cause the search engine from the new station identification content, web site keywords ranking for replacement. Frequent operation or improper operation, it is easy to cause the risk of K website. This is the website of K is common problem.


optimization technologyWe all know that

4. over Shanghai dragon optimization

3. black hats Shanghai dragon

often see some Adsense website search engine punishment, or is the home page is k off, either the station included by K, so as to give up years of operation of the website, make people feel happy. Spent a lot of effort because of possible optimization or promotion of improper operation and cause it to a crowning calamity, difficult climb roll up the webmaster is a big blow. The site is k common problems mainly in the following aspects:


can quickly through the black cap of Shanghai Dragon technology to bring a good web site keywords ranking and flow, but the search engine is very hate the deception. So the website optimization on the use of black hat, will suffer the punishment of the search engine. May sometimes station in the optimization process does not know the use of black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization technique, so it can be classified as one of the most common disease site was K.

1. adjust the meta information

These are the Shanghai dragon

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