The search results page appears in the picture and Website Hits

my friend’s website is about "glue machine", to "glue" the keywords for example.

love Shanghai search "glue machine", as Shanghai love the search results page map of the first screen:

Optimization: the title, description. This is the most fundamental thing is to think, Shanghai dragon staff. A good title, always bring more traffic to a site.

this case, your site will have pictures, at this time, the user’s eye may be a misleading picture of sight, don’t know which one to click, or only from the top down to see. That such a situation cannot be optimized? I think it is possible to do the optimization.

in fact, I have been thinking, if you have pictures website in search results, then how do we improve the clicking rate of

is the first site in search results with pictures, this website is ranked first, the picture appears in the result will greatly attract the attention of users search, so as to obtain a high hit rate. But look at the following several websites without pictures, click rate and site title, description of a great relationship. This is what we often talk about the "creative", a good idea can greatly increase the clicking rate, so we do not need to optimize the title, and can only be composed of a target key word. But the target keywords composed of a sentence of marketing. In this example, I give a good picture of the optimization equation: + creativity = high click rate.


second is optimized: the picture quality. This needless to say, people always want to see everything, if your images blurred, users lose interest to you soon.

third: the content of the picture is worth optimizing. Do not consider the content correlation, if the picture is a beautiful figure, I’m sure the first glance was attracted to him, because I love to see beauty. Of course, we will not be a beautiful pictures, put in the e-commerce website, we need to consider the relationship, if you do, may be punished accordingly love Shanghai. For this example, just want to tell you.

recently found website pictures appear in search results is more and more widely, may love Shanghai for search results page user experience to do the adjustment. It was just a friend asked a question, someone else’s site search results are not his picture, why? If we can do some optimization? The answer is yes, can do optimization, but the search results appear in the picture there is a certain randomness, even if do optimization, love Shanghai will not necessarily make pictures appear in search results. But even so we still have to do the optimization, to love Shanghai extract images. Here I will take a practical example for everyone to talk about: the search results appear in the picture of website hits and how to do optimization.

The first is

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