The website optimization around a word

above, I believe that everyone has the long tail keywords, then we will begin to update the article. We need to do is the long tail keywords best appear in the first paragraph, but also appeared for the first time we use bold emphasized the screenshot above, what is the target keywords, the bold. Then in the text we appropriately increase the long tail keyword density, the density of what are the requirements? Higher than other appropriate keyword density. Finally, at the end of the period, we’d better have a long tail keywords.

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we all know the importance of the title of the website, when we update the article to a web site, the general will be the main keywords of this article added to the title of the website, thus highlighting the importance of the keywords, to attract the attention of search engines.

here refers not to the anchor text of this article within the page, but the page appears in the word, we will give the word and anchor text. We believe that the role of.

in the above screenshot Title highlights the long tail keywords: what is the target keywords. I believe it does not need to introduce.

today I will introduce is the optimization of the long tail word around a word, then what is the word around? I believe many Laoniao already know, but here is for those who don’t know about the birds, drifting away. Around the time that is we often say that the title, keywords and description, the content of the article, the anchor text, in many cases, we mention a four is mainly used for the optimization of the long tail word. Below we detailed how to do web site optimization around a word.

when writing an article, we will clear why to write this article, as shown above, the author of this article is mainly to do "what is the target keywords" the long term, so we are writing before they need to determine what we need to do the long tail keywords, such a good organization of our language. When writing the keyword and description tags we don’t perform keyword accumulation, otherwise it will only harm and not good. The description need only appear once to two times two times.


I believe many of my friends have their own set of operating practices, but some of the conventional operating practices are the same, a lot of innovation and new technique is based on the conventional optimization. So we still need to understand some of the conventional operating practices, innovation and better. But here I want to emphasize is not illegal, it can only be flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.


, a title tag

four, the anchor text

The content of


The anchor text

Two, keywords, description of

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