When the rankings do what we need to do

4, found more valuable keywords

, who brought 1 page search flow

The weight of

now have a lot of friends are focus on the love sea, for the other search engines do not concern, actually this is wrong, for we do network marketing, we should not look beyond a point, this is not enough, we want to bring us all more opportunities to bring customers resource flow for attention, so other search engines bring us can not be ignored, so we must have visibility or relatively large search engine of comparison, look from whether there is flow over, statistics.


I just said, in fact, do rankings when there is a little from our page to traffic, so we need this time to study these pages, look at the page to flow is relatively high, so we can carry out deep processing on the last page, use the the page to attract more traffic to our site, of course, if the page brings the flow is too small, so no matter what we are going to look at the weight of the page, the page of the weight average daily traffic is.

now has its own website ranking many owners have done, but also for their future to the website what is lost, and I met such a webmaster, do ten words, although up to do keyword difficulty are relatively high, but the conversion rate is very low, finally he and I talk said: if I wanted to start the ranking on the home page, my business will be very fire, but not why I rankings do go up, business or similar to before? This problem is actually I believe there is still a lot of friends wondered why ranking, the conversion rate is not improved, even if the site is up IP finally, but not many people to buy things, some of my friends think this problem is relatively simple, others think this problem cannot be solved, in fact, this This problem is not difficult to say that people feel simple is not simple, we don’t just need to relax after doing ranking, to do some research and data analysis, so when we do on the home page ranking, we should also do what? I give you some methods:

2, the weight of the page ranking

In fact,

page is the first window we do rankings, ranking the weight of the page so we should always pay attention to, if there is unrest, so we have to study on it is normal fluctuations or search engine rankings to right down, so the weight of the page is very important, I believe that here I do not speak to everyone understand the course in the ranking of the attention we should also look at the site included, to see whether it is right to drop, drop the right words very unhappy.

3, other search engines bring traffic

mining is very important, just like we do website ranking, we initially set.

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