The push off site optimization scheme

two, title and meta tags

three, the description of the goods

is not large, but the two level domain name, so do the popular keyword is difficult to make up, recommended to choose relatively unpopular, search volume at around fifty, I chose the word Tieguanyin 1725. In 1725 Tieguanyin, coupled with information on some Tieguanyin 1725 peripheral products, which not only enriches the product information, but also increase the keyword density.

push off Internet marketer, also known as twitter network, network planner, understand network promotion and can use the people. Since the Ali Mama API station system out of twitter this term has almost become these station name, will also put this kind of website called push station. Before the registration of a China twitter account, apply for a two level domain is not a tube, almost all commodity is the default. The station did not begin to think what the optimization space, then how to optimize it is difficult to have good rankings, because now the station has been flooded, love is not love this thing in Shanghai. Later, inadvertently love Shanghai had included the thirty, it also reminds me to optimize this station, below to Twitter as an example to talk about Chinese push station optimization scheme.


page editing mode, can choose the home recommended goods and add the description of the goods. This description is not found in other places, it is a picture of the ALT and the corresponding span tags. For a lack of text and a picture based ALT how important you as can be imagined.

we all know that this is definitely the independent website optimization must be done, Chinese twitter also provides custom title and meta tag, meta tag keywords to make sure the keywords list this is no doubt that the difference is I want to use title and description do the headlines. Originally, this station is very difficult to get good rankings, even get good rankings is not certain people will point you this station, so how to attract people to make full use of key. Title in the form of a word, both words and attractive to people, description also, unlike the description contains more information, my description wrote: "I often buy many oolong tea, Tieguanyin tea in taobao贵族宝贝, especially Tieguanyin 1725, but also once cheated tell you, some will not be bought, some is not to be missed." A hearing may be deceived, people often have to come in and see curiosity. As for the column page title and meta tags, mainly for home service, in order to improve the entire keyword density and content similarity.

, the theme of the siteOptimization of space station

four, the classification of goods

Enter the optimization

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