The word of Shanghai dragon training can not do the first love Shanghai

recently, Shanghai dragon training this word because Shanghai Longfeng VIP the station of a fire. Since the WUI road forum is love Shanghai drop right after, I haven’t pay attention to the word Shanghai dragon training. But Mr. Zhu Weikun yesterday issued a micro-blog, as follows, aroused the author training this word ranking interest in Shanghai dragon.


2, friends of the chain and the chain.

I open a symbol of war in ancient China Ouyang Chun teacher, that is a typical single page website, I use Adsense tools inquires the station, reached the following data.

because it is the "Shanghai dragon training" this kind of competition is relatively large, the love of Shanghai outside the chain can be negligible. Single page website, focus on the layout of the page and powerful outside chain. The station was not included in Google I found very surprised, according to Ouyang Chun teacher at least four of the "Shanghai dragon training" website, is smoothly done or easily solved.

, a basic data

soon, I noticed people love Shanghai Shanghai dragon training the word Yue, the Shanghai dragon station ranked first. The author of a heart itch, to analyze the site immediately.

, age 1 domain. More than 5 months, basically a love Shanghai review period, can focus on the strategy optimization.

This site

I query the station chain, found a large number of one-way export chain, and are pointing to Sina, Sohu, Alibaba, and Phoenix, famous site. I think this is the first station to improve the "hub of value, but to improve the station’s value can be a single hub to A5, Chinaz and search. When I open these pages, that is the introduction of Ouyang Chun teacher training in Shanghai dragon. In this way, can the limited web hub value contribution, but also enhance the confidence of the new station, too.


I found the station chain have done very well. In the friends of the chain into the anchor text, basically around the Shanghai dragon training ". The first screenshot micro-blog is mentioned Changsha Telecom "Shanghai dragon training" ranked first, because the station into the anchor text as "Changsha Shanghai dragon training", the author speculated yesterday Hangzhou search "Shanghai dragon training", is also very likely to occur in the first place.


in the import link, because Mr. Ouyang Chun has done a lot of websites, and the key words are "Shanghai dragon training", Shanghai dragon training and these sites a chain, especially single chain, on the site of Shanghai dragon training ranking is quite large. Shanghai dragon dream before training in the chain do give yourself another station, directly to the friends of the chain with the home page navigation, the author discovered that Mr. Ouyang Chun did not adopt.

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