The fragile Shanghai dragon love Shanghai earthquake test station heart again




in mid June, some sites included plunged

"love Shanghai earthquake", in late June this year, Shanghai love again "earthquake", many sites in the move, a small webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER worried that one day find a N website love Shanghai, but did not see improvement. Starting in late June last year the "love Shanghai earthquake", today many owners still lingering fear, when too many sites included the amount (love Shanghai site: site number) has shrunk sharply, some sites fell in love with the original sea included the amount of more than 30 thousand, it dropped to less than 100, this situation has been maintained for about two weeks, until last year after July 3rd the site was gradually back, but finally love Shanghai and not to welcome the webmaster a clear answer. This is also in late June, Shanghai also start to love many small sites in case there is no sign of the first part is in the middle of June, Shanghai dragon ER owners reflect, in the absence of any suspected cheating case, their website (blog) a high quality original content is not included in the love of Shanghai, this situation continued so far.

who knows this is just the beginning, then some sites included the amount of sea love (love Shanghai site: site number) suddenly overall decline, and included the number has changed several times a day. If a web site in mid June the author originally served in the sea included the amount from more than 7000 drop up to more than 4000, in June 28th dropped to 1900.

In late June last year following the

in June this year, love the Shanghai earthquake many sites keywords ranking before 1949

One event succeeds another., fell in love with the sea at these sites included the amount of no better when more sites Links in the emergence of a large number of home is K (Shanghai lovelessness snapshot) website, one time too many webmaster confused, immediately under the busy Links, trying to protect themselves. But after June 22nd, many of the original authoritative in the industry within the industry Web site keywords ranking good keywords ranking suddenly disappeared, love Shanghai right back to zero. After a few days, more sites have been sacked, and even many sites have been K station, a time webmaster forum condemning sighs.

it is worth noting that, although compared with last year, the "Shanghai earthquake" love too much, but like love late last June Shanghai earthquake, love Shanghai has remained silent, even in love was on the line at the end of May the head of the community in Shanghai although the crying sound of a love, Shanghai search engineer Lee these days as usual in the community to answer some basic questions of the website of Shanghai dragon. But the confusing thing is, but for the many small webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER are very concerned about the love of Shanghai ranked intense oscillation and K station, love Shanghai without any official statement on a word or two.

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