Post landing right after Shanghai love weight to 3 experience recovered from 1

for my website how right down please refer to the "love Shanghai weight reduced from 3 to 1 experienced" harm posting machine of this article, when I find my site drop right after my first thing is to analyze the reasons of website drop right. When the reason I find my website down right after I stopped by right down on the website of the work (post post machine). The next step is to go to some weight high quality website chain, my site outside the chain from the initial 1000 normal posting machine rose more than 7000, then dropped to 1000, I’ll do the chain on the basis of this, now my chain number is more than 1600, it is in this period of time the 600 effective outside chain. In fact, the chain of hair more than 600! A part not included, where it is not, in the hair of the chain, is love Shanghai included the site is an effective chain, my personal experience! Do the chain on the one hand to the website weight and keywords ranking, at that time I have, many times to modify the site keywords idea, but was eventually terminated, because now I know my site keywords more or less have a little weight, if you modify the new keywords, keyword weight is 0, but also from 0 onwards, and also the influence of love in Shanghai the site itself is friendly. On the other hand, the website chain is a source of traffic.




but in half a month outside the chain, I also update the content of the website, to tell the truth, to update the content at this time is the most boring thing, every day in the hair of a lot of content, though not original, but most of the original is false, because of my limited knowledge of Chinese language, a junior high school on the one hand, feel very difficult, I remember in this half a month’s time, the basic.

must have many webmaster and I had website down right now like, no matter what the cause of the site to drop right is a very hard thing, today I will over time please post, because someone posting machine after posting my website made right down lead to this event, how to effectively share return to the original site, in the beginning I site Taobao is beautiful because post posting machine caused by weight included love Shanghai dropped from 3 to 1, stop, the snapshot is needless to say, the harm of posting machine I also posted at A5 post, it was my first time post, did not think through, thanks to this A5 site, you can go to Shanghai in search of love this article "love Shanghai weight reduced from 3 to 1 experienced traffic hazards" posting machine now has more than 1 thousand, No. A post will have such a high click I is really very contented, contentment, Changle, the ancient language, good! Nonsense is not to say, here to talk about my site drop right after I have to do, now recall just do stand just when, discover their own websites right down after surgery, restless heart.

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