Reprint articles should retain the original link


may be the most reprinted are leaving the original article link scruples will reduce their website weight, so this is the reason many reproduced without leaving the original link. Due to concerns of too much, also caused many owners leave no link, in fact it created an original article is not too difficult, you can think of what to write on what to write, write out the inspiration, as you now think you site is how to do it, how to publicity, then you can.

is actually a lot of writing articles in addition to share experience and technology to reprint his article through your buddy increase the chain for the website, or to consider the first respect the original author work as a starting point. Another hard to write the article, you simply copy and paste and delete a few words reproduced, and what the article published in the XXX forum, the author of the article and the original link change into their own, here, I don’t want to say how much reproduced, dare not say no to morality, because modify the copyright reproduced will say the website does not flow, want to write articles and write out. Don’t know what to write. You can also write is the high quality of the original article, certainly will not reprint ah, no matter what respect the original author is to respect the original author, amend the copyright is to amend the copyright, even reprinted articles cannot keep the link, then please leave the author information. Because the original

believe that everyone in the web often see some good articles, if you feel good easily reproduced to other sites, may be issued to increase the chain on the site, there may be enrich their site, or to the blog to share with friends, no matter what the reason is. There is a reason why wonder about the original author, which is reproduced in the buddies do not retain the copyright and the original link, what is more direct to revise its own copyright, of course, there are some buddy also retained the copyright, then the landlord will come together to discuss and buddy reprint articles in the end the article retains the copyright and the original link

believe you buddy as a webmaster all understand, write articles in general is to increase the chain, improve the visibility of the site, so your site content need it to write the article, but it is impossible to write every day or a day to write a lot of the original article, after all ideas are limited at this time. What should I do? It is reproduced! But there are links to reprint articles and copyright, to share with friends for fear of losing face, in order to release the chain to other sites that are not working for others? So it appeared to remove the copyright or copyright to modify the article reproduced the buddy, come to think of it, the original see what is the taste of the author of this article? The original author spent a lot of time to write the article was reproduced in you is not to retain copyright is not only reproduced very upset? Is just little things, you will never lose what, the share can still continue to share, the chain still can continue to add the chain! Anyway, landlord is not encouraged to reprint articles not retain copyright and practice link.

is not easy!

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