Shanghai Longfeng workplace don’t expect others to teach you the Shanghai Dragon

just contact for Shanghai dragon people, often excited and confused. The excitement is can reach a very trendy industry, confused because Shanghai dragon is too complex, often feel unable to learn. After they had entered the Shanghai dragon often make such a mistake is a point in time after entering the Shanghai dragon with the passage you will slowly understand touch Shanghai Longfeng, become a rich experience of Shanghai dragon master.

therefore, this requires us to reflect on this question: when you go to a company to participate in Shanghai Longfeng work, if their knowledge to avoid Shanghai dragon is too single, how to become a real Shanghai dragon master. The answer is very simple and also some cruel, that.

then, the reality is often not the case. In Shanghai dragon in the workplace will often have such a tragedy: a person who has done a year of Shanghai dragon, one day the director asked him how to deal with dead links, he rendered speechless. Or asked him to design a 404 page, he would not be able to start. Like many Shanghai dragon basic skills are just heard, but he started to practice it often in disarray.

this phenomenon was horrible, do a year of Shanghai dragon year, some of the most basic skills have not mastered, it makes people feel then. The cause of the tragedy is now the Shanghai dragon is often team operation, which is a web site or a project from a team division, each person can only charge a small part of them. Usually at least the Shanghai Phoenix division of labor will be divided into front-end program, art design, editing and extrapolation, a more complex project will continue to breakdown of the data analysis and other duties. In this way some of the new entrants to the Shanghai dragon staff has been responsible for only a small part of them, what if there is no accident, maybe a year only a chain of the Commissioner, editors, programmers, artists and so on. But Shanghai dragon is a comprehensive strong work, only to a number of work can have contact to temper the comprehensive system of Shanghai dragon skills, otherwise can only become a participant of Shanghai dragon, because it is not their tracking effect, essence often cannot be won the Shanghai dragon.

many people are very interested in the Shanghai dragon, I work in the company, there are a lot of new people are not completely from other related industries in Shanghai dragon. They are tired of their original work, some are attracted to the charm of Shanghai dragon. In which I have done before programmers, teachers or even network writer.

sometimes this will cause another tragedy, is causing some false to some new people, so that they are not accurate enough for their own position, if there is no one to remind them, they may feel that they do a whole year’s experience, Shanghai dragon, but which is only that he might have been doing in editorial work just a proficient editor, rather than a skilled Shanghai dragon. The harm is too big.

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