How to control the quality of the page

forum style and layout to facilitate users to browse and access to information as the standard to design, not the design is not only most probably it did not actually happen to good design. To expand the section of this page according to the needs of users, according to user requirements size from left to right from the top to the bottom of the section we arranged according to the importance, section expansion should be simple and clear, it allows users to browse the following can find what he wants.

content mainly refers to, when the user is not limited to text, we need to use more rich content to meet him, for example, such as graphic combination in the content and video content such as bottom with comments to this kind of form and user interaction, increase the content of richness allows users to browse content >

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3. content pages and empty pages especially new sites, not the existence of these new sites online page



The content of the website The timeliness of the content of

website optimization of good and bad and the quality of our page has a very close relationship, before we say the web page based score, score based site is divided into inside and outside the station in the station we include website content, title, page layout, inside the chain and so on, these factors are controlled by the quality of the page, today to how to control our web page quality should share.

1. page open speed at least to ensure

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we’re going to dig our own industry, the industry did not meet or not meet the users need to find something very, after using our own website to meet him, so that our industry scarcity will be reflected, because the content of this industry, only we have, users want to find will come our website search.

2. page redundancy code has some very good old program will have redundant code such as JS and CSS with GZIP compression

4. love Shanghai Webmaster Tools page proposal inside

1. section style conform to user needs

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is mainly to different industries, some industry users need to have the timeliness of the content, so we must provide, such as many users need in tourism and tourism tourism Raiders recommended, such as decoration users always need the latest cutting-edge decoration renderings Daquan, this time we in the content all must meet.

based web site said is basic to do several

, two page note (quality control section, the content of the website and the template text, advertisement, similarity)

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