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in the global talent fusion of interoperability background, gain a valuable practice three years of deep plowing, led the British in the sea two main battlefield to attract global talent and help enterprises to Chinese Chinese government record has more than 1000 companies and government agencies into the talent oriented ecological circle. At the same time, the power of big data already in the current society waves, the power of big data talent also led the British have the power of government and enterprise Zhaocaiyinzhi, shaping the core competitiveness of the world’s unique strength". It is not difficult to foresee, led the British has 500 million users worldwide, will become a big data decoding talent choice, and led the British a global talent network, is all over for the more than 500 million users have a global elite circle of friends".


help the government to open the global talent train

original, I wonder if you can add a web site of URL, but also to promote the next station PR ha, address not point, pure education site, fear of its useless to you, www.yuyicn

as a global network platform, since the first year in China, led the British in China took "high low" strategy, and in order to attract Chinese enterprises and behind the quality of entrepreneurs settled led the British led the British in Chinese help to achieve the user and customer growth. Over the past three years, two of China’s three commercial solutions have landed in china.



      and Sogou cooperation for a long time, look at my website now mostly other advertising, but Sogou advertising still occupies an important position, a position of the content page under the title. But today, I looked at the backstage again. I can’t help thinking: "Sogou, what can I do to love you?"!
      and do not say Sogou advertising alliance business from Sohu to Sogou, I personally think is a mistake, but think that is of great benefit to improve Sogou, it can improve his ranking of the most homogeneous and let many webmaster remember Sogou name. And our website main value is money, this is very common thing. But now, a month can have 8-15 of remittances, I am depressed, Sogou how so much money is also to do remittances. I’ve been on record for another two months. I am afraid I can only have so many, I think there are always 200-400 of the past month, and somehow still use, and now how so little?
        Sogou: a talk about the advertising content today is here, generous, because I saw this several days of advertising revenue was only 0.02, a look at the website advertising is mostly Sogou Sogou input method   image search, search dog products. Yes! Again, the code won’t work. And the shlf1314 and Yahoo are much richer. Do not know the content of Sogou now so little? Before most or sexual content now but also engage in a filtering illegal advertising content, feeling… A normal website.. otherwise there are what men did not root what… Things, now those who are not, is advertising? Promotion push software you, you let me how to push open, Kaba, Jiangmin, rising, I know all the police, who would dare to use?
two or about their income, although the website is not too high, but also more specialized are engaged in education, advertising revenue of shlf1314 a day on average in the $2-3 Yahoo in the 6-12 yuan, while Sogou didn’t their change so much!
Sogou is not to think of a way. The 163 was not done, the search was not done, the next is Sogou

three years ago, when LinkedIn collar British from the Silicon Valley giant to workplace social entrepreneurial companies "attitude into China, it is hard to foresee the people today: China led the British registered users increased from 4 million to 32 million, a seven fold increase in commercial terms, collar; in Britain Chinese annual revenue has reached the scale of hundreds of millions of yuan, compared with the beginning of the income in China increased by eight times, with more than 1000 large and medium-sized enterprise customers, all of which are made of Chinese led the British team of employees less than 400 people completed. Compared with other overseas Internet giants, led the British in the Chinese market due to the localization of talent shows itself more business model, the localization of the management team and the localization of products and services, and Chinese many local Internet startups, led the British tight encirclement of the secret lies in its earlier commercial process in Chinese the.

was just entering China, the local forces were eager to build up their influence in the international arena and expand the supply and demand of talent. At the same time, with the enterprises "sea" tide, more and more

"In 2015, we put the

leads China UK managing director Yu Zhiwei

scheme to solve the syndrome Talent Solution introduction, now revenues accounted for 80%; in 2016, we set the marketing solutions Marketing Solution to Chinese, although it has just started, but the growth rate is very fast." Yu Zhiwei, who has just been promoted to managing director of British China and is responsible for leading Chinese commercial business, said.

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