How to set the layout and site keywords

page title can follow the gradient setting principles such as: Beijing Shanghai dragon _ Beijing Shanghai dragon _ Beijing Shanghai dragon _XX optimization service brand word, the home page set 2 key words personally think best, a few users will search words and words are the main products of the same direction words can be used as a title page layout.

station needs to pay attention to in order to fill in the pre polymerization Page >

therefore need your content enough to get some quality rankings, but still need to explore some effective long tail word content update. This website will slowly only has some changes, some improvement.

in the screening of the keywords can use some tools to view the search index, the railway station is not recommended to increase the index of a thousand words, you can find a certain keyword search index but the competition is not very big.

, a web page keyword layout

website how to layout? Keywords layout is generally divided into the home key, the column content page keywords, keywords, special pages and marketing page is website operation after a period of time to get out of the page. Access to data and click on the page, the user retention time and business consultation can be a deeper understanding of the users really care about, can provide users with more quality services. Through user feedback to constantly improve their own.

website 1-3 early term target keywords, should not be too much, not too much home to deliberately increase keyword density.


column page layout can be extended to the product as the center of the word, you can look for some time in the choice of keywords but set the column page selection of 1-2 words is enough, selection of key words. Select the user would search keywords, can also test data by keyword or love Shanghai love Shanghai drop search.


Dallas Shanghai dragon to share website keywords and how to set up the site keywords layout points.

is the Shanghai Dragon Staff early on the need to consider point.


website how to set up the enterprise website keyword set is particularly important, determines the positioning of the entire website users.

keywords polymerizationWhether it is business or the flow station

is the final page with the content page to see, is the most difficult to obtain the trust search engine page. For new sites for the content page search engine if you can grab fast release included results, it has been regarded as a good site.

three, website content page keywords layout

Keywords Keywords

two, website page keyword layout


four, the website page layout

what is your target customers? How will they search? What kind of

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