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November 7, 2012, some users see the love of Shanghai sitelink, and today most users can already see the Sitelink at the same time, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform also released micro-blog said: love Shanghai official website search results show sub chain line.



love Shanghai love Shanghai search engine sitelink sitelink column

Sitelink is the baby first used, relatively high on some of the weight of the site, in addition to a list of nobility baby can return to normal, but also in the search in the same domain under the sub page or column links list, called Sitelink (link station). The Sitelink is based on the user preferences through this algorithm, the master is unable to control.

what are the benefits of Sitelink

video search results for subsequent love Shanghai video website rich abstract display, from love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform Sitemap submitted selected video data of high quality of the user, given the results of video.

most high weight website can display sitelink in Shanghai in search of love. Love Shanghai search results in the show will have relevant strategies according to the needs of users on the site has included the resource quality automatic evaluation, to conform to the standards of the site, the site will automatically extract the high quality channel show.


Sitelink has been Shanghai Longfeng practitioners think website optimization is the highest realm, because only the search engine weights are high enough to have this function, this function is currently has some well-known Web site. Sitelink search engine can be said to be a reward, on site by Sitelink, ranking the first web site can display more content in the search results, enhance the brand image of the website.

A single



station Material Corporation)

love Shanghai today launched a new sitelink, in 12 years had been launched, but a few days off. This is part of the site appeared again, very strange. Shanghai dragon ER can try to search, search for "material commune" will appear sitelink, and two years ago is different, the love of Shanghai’s sitelink increased by the.

told the official website chain show, also very uncomfortable, it is in order to distinguish the noble baby Sitelink? But noble baby Sitelink chain also has a detailed summary, but Shanghai did not love.

(for example: 贵族宝贝tooopen贵族宝贝/

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