How to make web site optimization ranking is better

2, click rate of

5, the old user more website optimization ranking

website optimization can be used in what way to make the site rankings better. Logically speaking, we modify the structure of the site, to set up reasonable title and description, is to improve the user clicks and views, indirectly put this thing done, consider the user’s line just a lot of people didn’t think there will be more to the search engine. Only think, ranking the better

3, the viscosity of

click rate is high, the page more popular. For example, a website optimization, a page is especially loved by users, the page click rate is much higher than that of other pages, search engines will increase the page paiming. Many webmaster should also use this, especially for the love Shanghai, to simulate the user click behavior using click on the software, such as your mobile phone website this keyword in Shanghai paiming twentieth, then the simulated users love Shanghai mobile phone, and then from the search results Click to enter your own website. This way may have a certain effect, but the effect is not lasting, visible to search engines for preventive measures to prevent the click rate, simulated user clicks.

some keywords are a large number of users search again, and then directly into specific sites, such as Taobao, so in this case, the search engine users already know that the goal is clear, want to enter Taobao, just don’t remember. It will be used as a bookmark search engine. So will the Taobao website in Taobao keyword paiming the first is no ground for blame. By a large number of users search words and can promote the direct access to the word or words related vocabulary and the paiming, it has been confirmed that a large number of facts.

1, website traffic

has more IP repeatedly >

is the site optimization factors of user behavior the most direct the most important. The site visits more high, the higher the alexapaiming, indicating the site quality is better, the overall flow of website explains the popularity of the website from a certain extent. Of course, the issues discussed here exclude the flow of the brush.


4, is a large number of users to search and direct access to the

user experience reference volume

users pop-up rate, access time, access to the number of pages are in direct response to users for the quality of the website. Waste site, user membership directly leave, pop-up rate is high, indicating the site quality is poorer. Some high quality website allows users to stay for a long time, and access to multiple pages, so the residence time and the number of pages accessed is higher, will have a positive impact for the website ranking optimization. The current search engine how to prevent cheating in these user behavior data has yet to be further research.


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