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and robots file, which is seemingly not guilty, but.

examination of 2. other sites on the server

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is often seen in the forum asked, my site being punished, help me, why, I often receive similar messages. Adhere to the punishment is not easy, a very difficult thing is to restore the punishment. If you want to know why you were punished, correct mistakes, return to the original position, must be very clear that this website used to do what? Ranking? Flow? Over a period of time to change what things? What exactly? What is the form of punishment? These details are difficult to use one or two the text clear, so to other site diagnosis is difficult problem of punishment. The best understanding of their own website is webmaster.

on these issue we can refer to.

Meta is the noindex:

Check the robots.txt file


first, if a penalized site is really a waste site, so the reason is very clear. Only do a good website, for the benefit of the user site, in order to solve the fundamental problem. A content is reproduced, copied, external connection is full of junk blog forum links, it is difficult to have good rankings, not worth the time consuming.

although the search engine is generally not because use Adsense servers have other cheating sites and punish other web server, but now the number of garbage and cheating sites, if there is a garbage with high-volume website owners and you use the same rack server, most of the web server is cheating and punished so, your site may be.

301, other Meta update, JS steering are likely to be suspected of cheating, even if the owners intended and to achieve the purpose of actually and the Shanghai dragon not cheating. If there are a large number of Web sites to delete as soon as possible. In fact, a properly designed website there is not much need to use a turn.

this is a seemingly impossible, often resulting in reason of punishment. Especially the site is deleted, is to carefully check the robots.txt file. Not only to artificial code view, but also with the noble baby network management tools to verify whether there is error caused by prohibiting search engine search directory and page dictation.

part of the code page 4. check

randomly selected part, check the rankings included and main keywords. If there are a lot of website, so as soon as possible for the hosting provider.

part page check

3. is used to check whether the site is

if you think your website is not a waste site, really helpful website to the user, but to be punished, can try the method.

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