Using the time of delivery love Shanghai 42 pounds bid effect

four skills: time observation of competitors launch strategy, in the premise of the extremely limited budget (budget time does not support put a day), can be combined with the first, third, Bishijiuxu, competitive pressure is small, the conversion rate is relatively high in the delivery time. A lot of industries and enterprises, is often the default morning (8 or 9) launch, even the default 24 hours of delivery, what time the money spent, what time automatically offline, often very early on the line, we can choose afternoon or evening on the line, under the pressure of competition, to obtain a higher ranking, but also can reduce the average click cost.

two skills: for the fierce competition, more industries have the best customer service delivery duty time. In a highly competitive industry, we tend to spend hundreds or even thousands of yuan, in order to obtain a valuable advice, because if the customer service staff is not caused in the loss, over the long term, will be a great loss to the enterprise. Suggested that if the limited funds, or to work in the Advisory Service Selection delivery, either in the rest time to arrange for specialized personnel on duty.

talked about love Shanghai auction on time, many enterprises are using liberalism and egalitarianism. The so-called liberalism is from early in the morning, has been put into the line position; the so-called egalitarianism is a week, a month or even a year, to this account are set to the same budget.

for some degree of competition is high, but costs more love Shanghai bidding budget is not sufficient for enterprises, how to 42 pounds at the lowest cost, the best value? In fact, we can use the time to put on the bidding account regulation to achieve. The following Song Jia to share with you a few tips.

in different industries, in different seasons, the demand will be very different, such as cultural class art examinee culture class training, advisory capacity is concentrated in mid February -3 at the beginning of the month, other time can not launch plan.

we have to bid farewell to bidding on liberalism and egalitarianism, on user behavior, in-depth analysis and consulting data transformation on the basis of combining in daily, monthly, quarterly, annual.

skills: a time to put the data as the standard, the proposed pre can devote sufficient budget for investment, all day long, do a rigorous analysis of the data in the running time, eliminate or control flow is high but the poor effect of dialogue consultation time. The calculation time of click rate, the highest conversion rate. As the day after delivery of reference.

three skills: adjust according to the needs of the industry. And of the industry’s serious potential customers online habits in-depth analysis. Over the weekend, major festivals of the running time from Monday to Friday and should be distinguished. The holidays, everyone gets up late, sleep late, resulting in some industry consultation time compared to the usual overall shift. Some industries, such as education industry, but in some major festivals, often consulting is very little.

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