The high value of hot words keywords do first word mining potential value

is a keyword value refers to its economic value, this is reflected in both keywords can immediately realize the value, or the value of its potential is very good. Can be achieved immediately, mostly on the key words into some popular keywords, for example, I optimized a website main keywords are "Beijing Kelon air-conditioning repair" "Kelon air-conditioning maintenance", then when the user home air conditioning failure problem will usually search for these two words, directly to our company so, the value can be shown directly, but also our focus to seize the key words, as compared to the value for these keywords is the largest. The potential value is the keyword search volume is not small, but may need two times of transformation, such as "the word search volume air conditioning refrigeration" than "the word search volume of Beijing Kelon air-conditioning repair" much, if I can put the word do the first page first, then its potential value is infinite, of course not all search for the word "air conditioning refrigeration" users will choose such a part for maintenance, transformation will be no small loss.

value and potential conversion keywords

don’t know if you take what strategies to optimize for hot words, simply follow the prescribed order, or aimless blind hit, in fact for hot words we want to reflect the value of this word must first fight heart, not to say that in order to demonstrate their strength and charm, in fact, is to achieve more value. A keyword search, if you search for a popular keyword, you couldn’t even find the words for you, but it is not a value, but negative value, this is a very worthy of attention. Hot words we want to reflect the maximum value will be the first to do the first, you will know how much the value of the term is more and more, you will spend more time with.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. I introduce a lot of keyword selection techniques, but most of them are against the basic skills of Shanghai Longfeng, rarely consider the value of keywords. Do a web site in Shanghai Longfeng, it means to do network marketing, network marketing purpose is to develop the electronic commerce, and the ultimate purpose of e-commerce is to translate into interest, then the value of keywords is very important. Today I will introduce how to select high value keywords. Keywords for enterprises and companies we want most is the precise flow, because the directional flow even search volume is relatively small, but it will bring no small value for our website, this point in the long tail keywords is to be reflected. Whether it is in front of some webmaster friends or some other friends for mining methods are talked about a lot of keywords, but for the value of mining keywords that are not many, today I was mainly from the aspects to talk about some of my views.


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