Forced to do the bidding of Shanghai Longfeng whether has to end

love Shanghai PPC is belong to PPC type of PPC advertising, according to the key words. The Shanghai dragon is charged in accordance with the number of clicks love Shanghai auction, each point of time your bid is less than the corresponding money account. Shanghai dragon is ranked according to the duration of charging, customers need to rank the longer the price is correspondingly higher.

do not know if you have not found, we love Shanghai in search of the home page will always be full of love, Shanghai, all kinds of products, as shown in figure

we all know, love is the best way to get traffic to Shanghai home, the general user in the search for information on the primary focus will be on the first page of the search engine, like second pages or page after, few people will pay attention to, so love has always been the home page ranking Shanghai businessmen view ground. And now Shanghai love home basic is love Shanghai’s products and do the bidding business occupy, whether this represents the Shanghai dragon has to end, but love is the best way for Shanghai to promote products


focus on optimizing the target keywords for the website ranking will improve the effect is very good, and can save the cost of bidding. We are.

For the first

after this comparison, there may be a lot of people will feel love Shanghai for quick effect, good effect, but we can not ignore the role of search engine, after having sex can really make the site for Shanghai traffic continues to increase, the click rate rise, but the real orders are rare, and the reason the cause of this phenomenon is mainly to optimize your site is not done. This time the role of Shanghai Longfeng shows:

believe in contact with the network marketing friends know, Shanghai dragon is mainly through the research on the working principle of the search engine to find the key factors of the natural ranking, and then use a variety of methods is the site more in line with the operating principle of search engines by the favor and obtain good natural search engine rankings, resulting in flow and efficiency.

is the first picture flow high but relatively low commercial value of the word, we can see that the home page top right now is all love Shanghai’s products, like love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia, know, love Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar video, etc.. And the second is the commercial value of relatively high words, the words can be said to be a prime location all do the bidding businesses seize.


on the current market. Shanghai PPC businesses to do far more than the Shanghai dragon, of course, one hand is to understand the Shanghai dragon industry accounted for only a few people. The other sex Shanghai PPC also basically do not need any maintenance, pay on time can be compared. To love Shanghai bidding do Shanghai Longfeng requires constant maintenance of the site, otherwise it is hard for a long time in a better position and flow.

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