After the completion of the website should from which aspects of website structure optimization

today’s headlines contribute background

user experience.

The first point:

from the perspective of Shanghai dragon website structure optimization is to achieve more conducive to the purpose of Shanghai dragon, it is embodied in the following aspects:

second: included quantity.

A5 business network submission background

said above is the way, for which there is no platform, each platform has the characteristics of positioning and user groups for each platform, I just talk about my personal feelings. Then talk about the point today, due to the release of a reader after completion of the site contact me, I ask, how to optimize the internal structure of the web site? Site optimization should be considered from what? Today I will talk about my "WeChat Red Group website promotion website optimization is considered from which a few the. A humble opinion, please forgive me.

we are the website structure optimization is to benefit the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is the most fundamental premise of your site is included, if a good website structure, the search engine spiders can easily crawl to your web pages on your site included, I like this.


second platform is today’s headlines, today’s headlines can not only see the platform of your article in this station is how much the amount of reading, but also to see how much the amount of reading outside the station, the number of forwarding, and recommendation. The A5 can only see click and comment, I think this may be improved by a5. Without the truth, first above:

I think this is the focus of the Shanghai dragon, because if a user experience is not good website, search engine will think you are a good website, search engine ranking algorithm to a great extent to consider the user experience. So we build a website to let the user access to our website can be very clear in what place, then go to what place, very convenient to click on the link, get the information he wanted. If you enter a website, the website internal chaos, there is no clear navigation, not like you see the anchor text information, you will not close this website without thinking, to find another site.



just a few days ago wrote an article "the novice webmaster how to do your own website", the article was issued has been concerned with the collection of a lot of, in fact this is the first time I write this kind of webmaster to share articles, due to my lack of experience, will contribute only to the two platform: < /p>

is the first platform "A5 business network", since I think A5 business network platform is very good, your article will have very accurate reading of user groups, hope that the webmaster of your Internet experience sharing on A5

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