Discussion on building materials enterprise website in two effective methods of keyword research


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has been responsible for the radiator enterprise website of the author, recent studies also do keywords, specific keywords is the radiator enterprise website, found that the radiator has many keywords are competitive in the research the author keywords, if in accordance with the boss’s request to choose keywords may cause some loss, but if in accordance with the deployment keywords the study, the boss is not necessarily willing to, after all there are few enterprise bosses know that website optimization and keyword research? So I think of each keyword optimization personnel in charge of building materials enterprise website, we must do hands ready to do keyword research, building materials enterprise website, research after a detailed description of the research to the boss after the keyword on the website of the much effect can be expected to What site whether users to search keywords. Two kinds of keyword research method here by the author with the majority of building materials enterprises responsible for website owners to communicate write that.

, a choice of keywords when there is nothing to choose Sike and

first, in the choice of keywords and time must be no good choice of sike. This is the analysis from two angles. The first angle is your boss, do optimization personnel into the enterprise will be responsible for the chain or in keyword optimization or some marketing work, while the face is the select key, the boss will directly tell you our building materials what to do in the future enterprise website optimization keywords, then you have no choice, the boss has been laid, as long as the boss was asked to do it. The second point is the product of the company, why is the company’s products? The general enterprise website in the optimization of the site keywords are not optimal product name? Our product is a radiator or heat exchangers, the user must search for the two key words in the search engine, the two is the target keywords, can be directly bring the target user. To do the analysis from the two aspects can be seen in the choice of keywords in addition to Sike have nothing to choose. < >

in recent years, earth shaking changes have taken place on the Internet, every time there will be large quantities of enterprises have their own website, and the website on the Internet to allow more users to access, in fact, now it seems that this is perhaps a very ordinary event. Now with the development of society, the Internet has become essential to people’s lives, through the Internet to do what you love to do, to see you want to see the site, to buy the things you want to buy, but the enterprise took a fancy to the user of this point, began to use the image of the enterprise, the enterprise faces, the story, enterprise product integration in the enterprise website on the Internet, as can be imagined is the enterprise has in the development of Internet marketing in the future of attention.

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