Don’t jump code webmaster link in flicker

knows the weight classification information stand high, while leaving only the bare chain, but high weight and can leave the link station, and the chain classification of information station can also improve the universality. Each day will send 3 classification information site outside the chain, posts can be instantaneous received. When looking for the chain resources, the instantaneous received as a primary investigation standard, but ignore the link itself. Today take the time to check the link, found that there is an information website code was added in Javascript:void (0), although can click on the link, but set up JS code search engine will not crawl. Javascript void is an operator, the operator to specify an expression to calculate but does not return a value. In the online search, found that many owners are asking, because someone in the chain do with this too, cheating, such cooperation or not. To do when the chain should pay attention to, if you get the link with the code, then the link is invalid. Although you can see each other eye to help you do the link, but did not have any meaning.

is released in the inband log, by adding link>


code?Another form of


Xicihutong celebrated before, many webmaster in the community do the chain. The last year hair of the chain, but found not to be included. Just last month, found that the chain included pretty good, so he also tried one, in a forum of the community made a few posts, included are very timely. But a look at the source file is depressed, no text posts first source files, followed by links are being added to the t.asp?. This is very good, you can directly hold the mouse over the link to see. I was too careless, do not pay attention to.

now do promotion difficult ah, competition is strong, the network environment is also very strange. The elder brother, rain moment, electricity supplier war, all kinds of network stars emerge, today also saw the shocking dangdang贵族宝贝 please sister hold advertising, as if to take by surprise to win. I still do Shanghai Dragon Well, believe Baidu will appreciate the. But recently to the site of the chain, found a lot of problems to check the link, also is not good, today to write, to remind other webmaster is experiencing the same situation. Nofollow is the most by a chain code known invalid, in addition to nofollow, there are other code is also very cruel.

was added t.asp the

two, t.asp or link.php?? the false skill;

, Javascript:void (0) bluffing game;


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