That new Shanghai Longfeng scheme page layout sketch

1, a new page that determine what things should be placed.

3, the convenience of their own which in site also need to modify.

4, the convenience of their own when website updates, need to find what.

1, we can use the word document simple drawing function, put his mind to imagine the site, the outline is drawn.

for the new station, page layout sketch plagued many novices, how should we make the layout for the new page layout

said the new Shanghai dragon plan, everyone will feel a headache! Because of a new Shanghai dragon plan, really need to consider many factors, in front, I have written several articles about new Shanghai dragon plan, up to now have not finished today, sister station to share new Shanghai dragon plan: page the sketch layout, we hope to help.

three, the new Shanghai dragon plan sketch planning needs to consider what the

station! 4 days after

3, according to the market and user demand, competitor deficiencies, to describe the page of sketches.


a lot of people think, build a website quickly, buy a domain name, buy a space, the domain name binding in the space, and then use FTP to program and content are uploaded to the space inside, la! A site, but also the need for site planning for doing it the following? Sister station to explain about the new Shanghai Longfeng package page sketch meaning is as follows.

a lot of people know that in the new Shanghai dragon plan, to put up a website about the sketch map, but when we put the sketches out of the site, we found that when our page sketches that we also need to consider a number of factors, and what are these factors, to tell you the sisters small


, according to industry development and for the user to do what site of understanding represents the page layout sketch.

, a new scheme of Shanghai dragon page layout sketch meaning

2, according to a competitor’s site, with its own factors sketches about his new page.

2, for a new sites, page sketch planning, let yourself for a new impression about the content framework.

two, the new Shanghai dragon plan page layout sketch how to plan

, 6 page sketch, which facilitate their retrieval page layout for search engines is not friendly.

> search engine friendliness page

, 5 pages about the sketch, is also convenient to examine their own website problems.

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