Sogou bidding tutorial Sogou advertising is the key to scientific settings

: the first with the top three and top price

second: advertising circle that intelligence does not match the intelligent

was then a few days, high conversion rate of violence sogou. Proud not long, not found, the cost is rising. Always inertia thought, ranked first is the price of high cost. The results finally found, Sogou called the top three, the first price is for the actual national area. To have a strong regional hospital bidding, it is not necessary to map a first name. Depressed after a moment, to the lowest price.

started off a "rogue word", but the effect is not good, Sogou those "junk words" emerge in an endless stream, just like leeks, cut the crop under a stubble, helpless, and there are a lot of words we buy for word, cannot be deleted clean up these words, but ask the customer MM negative side, side to find out the reasons, then consider to be intelligent, sogou. Cancel the intelligent matching, finally the world peace.

just took over a circle such as advertising account, 50 keywords observation bidding to click, found these words flow into small, and inside the root, are those related to "color" of the "garbage", then stop the word.

here and talk about Sogou bidding in the tutorial, to help you better manage Sogou for

intelligent matching,

advertising circle has been focused on the search engine advertising and combat.

will only spend money!

third: the use of intelligent, do remember negative word

! Smart

advertising circle in Sogou bidding above years of experience and advertising investment that do Sogou, the key lies in the selection and collocation keyword matching mode, efficient delivery strategy is essential to the success of

because of the dog continued to force the search engine market, Sogou (Sogou) auction services are more and more people familiar with. Sogou bidding has its own unique characteristics, advertising system has also been upgraded, recently disclosed Sogou alliance, is an important source of traffic Sogou advertising expanded

advertising circle www.adwordsing.>


second aspects we speak, intelligent matching brings many invalid words, so intelligent matching do when must remember to bring negative words, otherwise the advertising expenses burned a lot but not a single.

stopped this batch of words is the result of traffic dips. Then the next step is the conversion of the high rate of poetry. See Sogou has ranked in the top three and the first price fast option is very happy, brush a few adjustments to the top three.


Need to pay attention to !

and a lot of people do not pay attention to this, and only, is the default. This is not kind and love Shanghai Sogou

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