Shanghai Longfeng R towards Shanghai Longfeng attitude change new domain name from the A5 Forum

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web site operators encountered in the process of replacement of the domain name is normal, one of the factors as domain name website image, more and more companies are concerned, for A5 to replace the domain name is awesome to provide better services to users, talking about a webmaster discussion: cause others if the wrong direction, suddenly change to the user experience, then others to replace the domain name ahead of time to discuss with you about? Website during the transition period, the forum details and experience will be affected, and they will make official, webmaster can not calm to discuss the direction of development, website how is the only operator positioning themselves clearly. Here to remind the webmaster can not exist optimization experience is not calm, all the problems happened in the site of calm, so as to better to solve the problem.

optimization attitude not calm

member in the group complained to replace the domain name regardless of their membership or die, the source of the chain 90% is the A5 forum, this news is undoubtedly the biggest blow to him, the construction site outside the chain will be greatly affected. The seemingly simple domain name replaced by the webmaster hype, affect the construction of the chain of their own, whether you know the source of the chain webmaster called 90% the same platform, the weight of the chain to the number of spiders and will give you the weight of high site, the construction principle of the chain is to a wide range. Correlation, the chain is the user really recommend, in Shanghai love algorithm update algorithm Scindapsus, BBS signature of the chain has become a waste if you cheat the chain, the chain has 90% website source signature, that your site is no weight at all. The webmaster can not blindly go to a site outside of the chain, even if the site weight is high, the chain construction difficulty is low, but also the loss of the construction of the chain can not be widely.

301 jump is the optimization steps of website owners are indispensable, understand Shanghai dragon, will not forget the optimization steps so important, high weight website operators also not discard the old station. A5 Forum BBS two domain move to the new domain name, and not the first time to do 301 permanent steering, indeed to the webmaster hit is relatively large, may be the site data transfer too many things to do, the technology failed to timely make up 301 of the optimization, but also the first time to make official the interpretation would do 301 jump. The webmaster do not.

news: 6.27, A5 trading community opened a new domain name, A5 aims to create an independent trading platform webmaster. The seemingly domain name trading platform is the replacement of a conventional, but has been making a webmaster, may be webmasters webmaster world brand reputation is high, wide attention of the webmaster. I wish that really is because the brand benefits caused by the attention, but throughout the webmaster discussion, more is to complain.

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